DevOps salaries increase as businesses embrace new ways of working

The average DevOps worker is earning between £58k and £78k


Puppet's annual DevOps Salary Report has revealed that remuneration for those with experience in the software development process has increased by 17% in the last 12 months.

The reason for such uplift is because businesses are realising the benefits of using skilled engineers with a knowledge of the DevOps environment.

The UK's average DevOps Salary has reached between $75,000 (58,000) and $100,000 (78,000) rapidly catching up on IT management-level jobs.

"Companies are increasingly growing their DevOps practices and the way they deliver IT services and software across the globe, which means businesses are in desperate need of the right talent who can adapt to this shift, raise the bar with software delivery and play an integral role in innovation," said Nick Smyth, VP Engineering at Puppet.

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"DevOps requires a high level of desire to learn and improve, and this report shows that DevOps practitioners are getting their reward and will continue to as we move into a new era of automation."

Unsurprisingly, large businesses are offering the upper limits of salaries, mainly because they're more likely to have more complex IT infrastructure, while those with simpler requirements are offering less. Smaller businesses are more forward-thinking with their IT automation and so require more, but lower-skilled operatives.

The retail industry is the most interesting sector for DevOps workers as businesses switch focus to digital commerce and cross-channel engagement.

"This year's report underscores that as more organisations prioritize DevOps, they are putting more resources into finding the best talent that can support their IT strategies and objectives," commented Alanna Brown, director of product marketing at Puppet.

"To get ahead of the competition and stay relevant to clients, large organisations need sophisticated DevOps and automation technologies, so it comes as little surprise to see them paying more for highly-skilled practitioners and managers in order to sustain their complex technology infrastructure."

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