The 7 best IT interview questions to find the right candidate

These 7 IT interview questions will help you narrow your search for the best candidate

Let’s face it; it’s hard work being a hiring manager. Interviewing for a job can be stressful, regardless of which side of the table you find yourself on. When it comes to interviewing IT candidates, you want to be courteous and friendly, but you also want to make sure you’re asking the best IT interview questions. 

Not only is it vital for IT hiring managers to be well-versed in the position they’re hiring for, but they should also be able to identify successful candidates by asking strategic questions. 

These IT interview questions should be relevant to the job at hand but also give candidates the opportunity to speak to their unique skill sets and personality traits.

1. “Why do you want to change your job?”

Alejandro Gomez, CTO for Freepik Company, and Noemi Botella, HR manager for Freepik Company agree that some of the best IT interview questions are related to the interviewee's motivation to explore new career opportunities and personal character. 

The IT area at Freepik Company has over 60 people working each day and teamwork is essential. Like many companies, new additions to the Freepik Company team must show passion and willingness to learn and work in a team setting.

“Asking about hobbies and how they spend their spare time gives very valuable information,” says Alejandro Gómez. On the other hand, it’s important for Noemi Botella to know the interviewee’s motivation or reason for pursuing the interview and leaving their current job. 

“The answer should show commitment to their potential new job,” According to Botella. “In general, what is expected from the interviewee is a good attitude towards work and life, and that they understand Freepik Company's corporate culture.”

2. “What is your biggest accomplishment to date and how did it support the business?”

Sarah Doughty, director of recruitment of TalentLab, an IT recruitment company specializing in searching, finding and recruiting workers in the IT industry, recommends asking candidates questions that probe their track record for adding value and creating a positive impact. For Doughty, the best IT interview questions relate to a candidate’s most recent accomplishments and how they support the business.

“Asking candidates to explain how it supported the business further validates their understanding of the true goals of the work they are doing. It's incredibly common in high-tech for there to be a disconnect between engineers and the business,” says Doughty.

Of course, it’s also important to understand real-life situations that might frustrate a candidate. According to Doughty, some of the best IT interview questions provide candidates with the opportunity to candidly vent about their current situation. This allows the hiring manager to gain a more accurate understanding of the candidate’s true career goals.

3. “Tell me about a time you were stuck and how did you get past it?”

As Shayne Sherman, CEO of TechLoris, would put it, technical interviews are less about the specifics of what a person knows but more about the soft skills necessary to be a great IT employee. Sherman recommends asking candidates about their problem-solving abilities to best assess their coachability and communication skills.

“This question will tell me two things,” says Sherman. “How honest are you and are you willing to accept input from outside? I don't care who you are or how good you think you are. You are going to get stuck at some point and how will you handle it when you do? The IT community is very communicative and willing to help so if you're willing to accept help, you're far more valuable to me.”

4. “What was the last thing you learned?”

With over a decade of experience in tech recruiting, Michael Green, vice president of Nelson Frank, has a wealth of advice to offer hiring managers on the search for the best IT interview questions.

“Technical capabilities can be tested before you speak face-to-face, so determining soft skills should take precedence during the interview,” According to Green. “A question I really like, if someone mentions that they’re a quick learner, is ‘what was the last thing you learned?’”

According to Green, this question gives an interviewee the opportunity to give a concrete example of their abilities and allows hiring managers to see how they might react when put on the spot.

5. Question a candidate’s specific skill set

For Shannon Block, executive director and chief operating officer at Skillful, skills-based questions are the best IT interview questions. These questions should be rooted in the specific skill sets needed to perform the job. In many cases, this means candidates must possess a combination of foundational and occupational skills. 

Block also says, “There needs to be a realization beforehand of which IT skills you need in someone coming in the door and which are more easily acquired on the job.”

“Nearly half of web developers now do not have a college degree,” Block continued. “So also eliminating these proxies and instead focusing on the skills can help you find the winning talent."

6. What do you think of when walking through the woods?

Kilian Kunst, CEO & founder of Streamstars UG and creator of Age of Chains, takes a more creative approach when interviewing candidates for an IT position. When it comes to best IT interview questions, Kunst hones in on a person’s creative side by asking questions that some might refer to as head-scratchers.

“I find ‘What do you think of when walking through the woods?’ is the most important,” says Kunst. “The question touches the creativity of the applicant and shows how he reacts to unexpected situations as there is no way he thought about an answer to this question beforehand.”

“In addition,” Kunst continued. “His answer will tell you a lot about his character. If he walks around thinking about the bug he has to fix, he likely is an analytical problem-solver. Does he pay attention to the animals and plants? Then he is very attentive, empathetic and artistic. There is an infinite amount of ways to answer the question [and] the applicant's answer will give you a true and natural impression of the person you are going to hire.”

7. Skip the interview and consider a skills test instead.

For Omer Tadjer, co-founder and CEO of Comeet, the best IT interview questions address a number of factors related to soft and technical skills. From asking questions that can help you discover the candidate’s overall potential to asking more leadership-focused questions based on time-management, and problem-solving skills, there are numerous ways to determine whether or not a candidate is a fit for the job.

Ultimately, though, according to Tadjer, “The best way to really get to a candidate’s technical skills is to skip the interview!”

“The most reliable way to find out if the candidate brings technical qualifications is to test them,” says Tadjer. “Give them a reasonable task that any qualified engineer could complete in a couple of hours and see how they do.”

8. Trust your gut

Less an IT interview question and more a reminder to hiring managers and team leaders alike -- trust your gut. 

Don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions, especially if you feel an interviewee hasn’t answered a question fully. And if an answer doesn’t sound quite right to you, don’t proceed without asking your candidate for additional information. 

Remember, you can always invite the candidate in for another round of interviews. 

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