Seven IT jobs you can land with an associate’s degree

These IT careers are more focused on your skill than your degree

Are you ready to start your career or maybe reinvent yourself with a new career? Regardless of the path you’re on, you know you want to jump into the world of information technology (IT) which may mean going to school to earn a marketable degree. 

The big question that’s likely at the top of your mind is about your degree. Do you need a bachelor’s degree, or can you launch your IT career with an associate’s degree?

Below, we’ll explore the IT careers you can dive into with an associate’s degree. First, let’s have a look at the biggest differences between an associate’s degree and a bachelor’s degree. 

Bachelor’s vs associate’s degree

When looking to get into IT, there are many factors to consider in the debate between a bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree. Here are the basics.

  • Time: A bachelor’s degree generally takes about four years to complete, whereas an associate’s degree usually takes two years. This can vary depending on the course load you can handle.
  • Cost: A bachelor’s degree will run at least $40,000. That’s just for tuition -- not room, board, books, etc -- at a state school. For an associate’s degree, you can expect to cut that cost at least in half. Of course, the type of institution and the program can affect this cost significantly. 
  • Field of Study/Career: Not every career path will hire a candidate with an associate’s degrees -- some require a bachelor’s degree. If they don’t require a bachelor’s degree, you may still have to compete with candidates who have it.
  • Earnings: People with bachelor’s degrees tend to make more money than those with associate’s degrees. That may not be true in every field, but it’s worth considering.

A strong argument for an associate’s degree is you won’t need to take a lot of general education classes. The programs tend to be career-driven, so if you’re looking for a degree in information technology, you can expect two years of primarily IT-specific classes. 

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Seven high-paying IT jobs you can get with an associate’s degree

Technology is an associate’s degree-friendly field, as most companies don’t care if their tech gurus are well-versed in Chaucer or knowledgeable in geology. 

What’s more, you can land a good job with just an associate’s degree. While the pay may not be high to start, these seven IT jobs require just an associate’s degree and can develop into relatively high-paying jobs over time.

Network Systems Administrator

Degree focus: Network systems or network systems administration

Median Pay: $82,050 per year/$39.45 per hour

10-year job growth: 5%

Businesses rely on their computers and networks, and a network system administrator keeps these key items up and running. They are responsible for installing and upgrading hardware and software, and troubleshooting computer issues. In some cases, this position is also in charge of network security. With a median income of $82,050 annually, it’s not a bad gig. 

Computer Systems Analyst

Degree focus: Computer systems analysis, computer information technology

Median Pay: $88,740 per year/$42.66 per hour

10-year job growth: 9%

Computer systems analysts are jack-of-all-trades in the IT space. They work with company leadership as a representative of the IT department, implement software, install hardware on systems and may even do some project management. It has a 10-year job growth outlook that is well above average, so there will be jobs out there. 

Computer Network Architect

Degree focus: Computer networking

Median Pay: $109,020 per year/$52.41 per hour

10-year job growth: 5%

A computer network architect is a business’ maestro of all things networking. From LANs to WANs and intranet, the network architect’s job is to implement, maintain and update these networks while keeping the business’s goals and security in mind. 

It may be a tougher role to land with an associate’s degree, but if you have the right experience, it can be a great-paying job with a median income over $100k per year.

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Database Administrators

Degree focus: Database administration

Median Pay: $90,070 per year/$43.31 per hour

10-year job growth: 9%

Data is essential to many companies’ day-to-day operations, and it can sometimes be very sensitive. Think of large companies or organizations that need to keep track of a lot of information, such as an insurance company, university or bank. A database administrator helps the company design, implement and maintain its database software to store and organize its data. Maintaining security for the data is a high priority. It has a promising 10-year expected job growth rate at 9%.

Computer Programmer

Degree focus: Software development, computer programming

Median Pay: $84,280 per year/$40.52 per hour

10-year job growth: -7%

Computer programmers build the code that makes computer programs work. They may also do a lot of troubleshooting to keep that code working. While the outlook for this position is less than ideal because of outsourcing, BLS data shows there were over 250,000 computer programmer positions in the United States in 2018. If coding is your passion, go for it. There will be jobs. 

Web Developer

Degree focus: Web development

Median Pay: $69,430 per year/$33.38 per hour

10-year job growth: 13%

Web developers are responsible for creating websites and making sure they function smoothly. Their job may also include some web design, but many companies hire web designers for this process. 

While web developers may not make as much money as others on this list, the demand for this position is skyrocketing. It’s a career with a lot of open doors right now and for the foreseeable future. 

Computer Support Specialist

Degree focus: Information technology, computer science or desktop support

Median Pay: $53,470 per year/$25.70 per hour

10-year job growth: 10%

If troubleshooting and problem-solving are your fortes, then this could be your field. Computer support specialists provide advice and help as needed for computer users and companies. 

From clearing out computer viruses to helping people understand new software, the computer support specialist helps people make good use of their computers and electronics. It is one of the lower-paying IT roles, but in 2018 there were 863,000 computer support specialist jobs, and it’s projected to grow faster than the average career over the next decade. Plus, it may be one of the easier jobs to and with an associate’s degree.

The fast track may be the right track

If you’re debating whether or not an associate’s degree is the right move for you, and you’re worried you won’t be able to land a job with it, rest easy. The IT field is growing and accessible to those with associate’s degrees. 

If you’re ready to start working toward your new career in IT, the choice between a bachelor’s and associate’s degree is yours. You should be able to land a rewarding job with great pay either way. Good luck!

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