9 high-paying work-from-home tech jobs

These work-from-home tech jobs offer great salaries and the flexibility of working wherever

The shift to all-remote work is alive and well, particularly as of late. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the transition to remote work took place just about overnight for many. Fortunately, though, while many tech employees were used to working from the confines of an office, advances in technology have made it easy to skip the cubicle lifestyle and make the switch to remote work with relative ease. 

Now with tech companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Shopify and Coinbase all making the shift to permanent remote work, many tech workers are likely considering a similar shift. As Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerburg, so eloquently put it, “There are some very clear benefits to remote work.” 

Based on Owl Labs’ latest State of Remote Work report, 24% of remote workers reported earning $100,000 or more. Another 6% of remote workers surveyed reported making over $200,000. Of office workers, only 1% of those surveyed achieved $200,000 in compensation. 

Remote workers aren’t just making more money, they’re also able to save more of their income than their in-office counterparts. To give you an idea, FlexJobs estimates remote workers can save an additional $4,000 per year compared to in-office workers, so tech workers who work remotely tend to come out on top financially.

Fortunately, for those ready to make the shift to remote work and score a work-from-home tech job, there are plenty of high-paying remote jobs available. Whether you’re interested in working as a software engineer earning an average salary of $92,046 per year or are ready to take on a position as a well-paid information security analyst, in today’s day and age, there’s no shortage of high-paying remote tech jobs to choose from. 

9 high-paying work-from-home tech jobs

1. Senior Machine Learning Engineer 

Median salary: $138,230 per year 

As a senior machine learning engineer, you’ll be responsible for crafting machine learning models and retraining systems to effectively automate processes such as image classification, speech recognition and even market forecasting. 

Visit Glassdoor, and you’ll find plenty of work-from-home senior machine learning engineer jobs. Not to mention, with a median salary of $138,230 per year, this position pays a very pretty penny.

2. DevOps manager

Median salary: $112,907

This high-paying job can involve wearing multiple hats. For many, being a DevOps manager includes team management, while other tasks might revolve around technical processes like testing, maintaining systems or even coordinating contracts with business partners and vendors. 

To get the inside scoop on remote opportunities as a DevOps manager, head to Indeed to view open positions. 

3. Cloud architect

Median salary: $107,309

Cloud architects are responsible for managing an organization’s cloud-computing system. This position could involve anything from cloud application designs to monitoring the system itself. 

To be a cloud architect, you’ll need a deep understanding of various operating systems, programming languages and overall cloud security. Fortunately, working remotely as a cloud architect pays a median salary of $107,309, making all that technical knowledge a worthwhile investment. 

4. Mobile developer

Median salary: $96,016

Mobile developers build apps for mobile devices. Most organizations require mobile developers with expertise in iOS or Android and an understanding of Mac or PC operating systems. 

Mobile developers often work on addressing bugs and glitches after the development and release of an app too. 

5. Software engineer

Median salary: $92,046 per year

Software engineers focus on the development of computer software and systems. In this high-paying work-from-home tech job, you’ll have a hand in creating and developing the tech that runs your organization. 

If you’re interested in exploring a career as a remote software engineer, spend time perusing job boards such as ZipRecruiter and Remote.co.

6. UX designer

Median salary: $85,277

Have you ever found yourself annoyed with the design of a website? If so, a job as a user experience (UX) designer might be the ideal high-paying tech job for you. 

UX designers improve user experiences across various websites and apps, making it a great job for those with a keen eye for details and a deep understanding of what customers want to see. 

Making this position even more attractive is its relatively high median pay of $85,277

7. Research engineer

Median salary: $81,189

Do you enjoy gathering data? How about using that data to create new products? If you’ve answered yes, then working remotely as a research engineer may be the job for you. 

Opt for this high-paying tech job, and you could find a remote position in a variety of industries ranging from aerospace to software.

8. Information security analyst

Median salary: $76,410 per year

Information security analysts are typically responsible for monitoring an organization’s systems for data breaches. Since hackers are always changing their tactics, information security analysts must also keep their knowledge and skills up to date.

Interested in becoming an information security analyst? A quick Google search will turn up numerous opportunities to work remotely as an information security analyst. 

9. Web developer

Median salary: $68,524 per year

While some web developers do have a degree, it’s far from a requirement. What all successful developers have is a deep understanding of design languages such as HTML 5, CSS, Javascript and XML. 

Many web developers also work remotely or work freelance, making this occupation an attractive choice for those looking for a high-paying work-from-home job. 

Best places to find high-paying remote tech jobs

There’s a number of places to look for a high-paying remote tech job, including the larger job boards like Indeed, Glassdoor and LinkedIn. There are also plenty of remote-specific job boards worth checking out on a regular basis.

Visit Remote.co, and you’ll be welcomed by an easy-to-navigate job board focused on connecting applicants with various remote opportunities. Remote.co also breaks its remote jobs into categories, including one geared toward high-paying positions with $100,000-per-year salaries and higher. 

Remote.co isn’t the only job board geared toward remote work. FlexJobs also offers an extensive selection of high-paying work-from-home jobs ranging from entry-level to executive. Like Remote.co, FlexJobs breaks its open positions down into various categories, making it easy to find the high-paying work-from-home tech positions you’re seeking.

If you’re already working in tech and are looking to shift from in-office work to working from home, consider leveraging your personal network to land a high-paying remote tech gig. Nowadays, plenty of companies are transitioning to remote-first models, and you never know if a personal connection may work at one of those companies. 

How to get a high-paying remote tech job

First things first, when was the last time that you updated your resume? 

Before applying to a high-paying position in the tech industry, you want to make sure your resume is up to date. You also want to confirm your resume reflects your previous work experiences while also highlighting all you’ve accomplished in the past. Remember, your resume serves as a first impression, so make sure it stands out.

Now, let’s talk about LinkedIn, the Facebook of the professional world. Much like your resume, you want to make sure that your LinkedIn is up to date before applying for a remote tech position. 

First, check that your LinkedIn profile is complete, concise and easy to understand. Your profile should highlight your skills and achievements, and any professional certifications you’vr earned along the way. To really bolster your LinkedIn profile, consider asking previous managers and coworkers for a LinkedIn recommendation or skills endorsement too.  

Most, if not all, jobs require interviews. Keep in mind, if you’re applying for a remote position, your interview may not be face to face. Instead, you might find yourself interviewing for a work-from-home job over Zoom, Skype or Google Meet. 

Before the meeting, you should confirm your Wi-Fi is ready to handle such a task and find a spot in your home that’s free of clutter and noise so you’re ready to go come interview time.

When it comes down to it, there are more reasons than one to opt for a remote job in the tech industry. From the potential for high salaries to the undeniable flexibility that comes with working remotely, it’s no surprise that many individuals are looking to transition to the remote lifestyle.  

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