The 8 best data science boot camps

Learn how to level up your skills and land a career as a data scientist

There’s a lot of demand for data scientists, and the number of jobs in the field across many industries will continue growing. Companies are continually searching for data scientists who have experience with processing and analyzing large amounts of data and know-how to uncover valuable insights in that data. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the next decade will see a 15% increase in demand for people trained in the data sciences. 

Participating in a data science boot camp can boost your career and income, and give you an advantage when applying for a good job in a growing organization. 

We’ve selected the following data science boot camps because of their good reputations and positive reviews from graduates.

Coding Temple


Coding Temple offers a 10-week online Python and data science boot camp. The full-stack development course covers tools and technologies to design, build, test, and deploy functional web applications. It covers various concepts, including HTTP, databases, libraries, frameworks, DRY code, pair programming, and design patterns. 

Students receive individualized one-on-one learning, participate in weekly meetings and technical quizzes, engage in homework review and classroom discussions, and complete a concluding project. 

Previous knowledge of data science is not required. The course pacing can be slow, as instructors accommodate the ability levels of students.

Coding Temple has a low student-to-staff ratio, and experienced instructors teach all courses. Students receive career coaching, soft skills training, and job assistance to help them find and apply for suitable careers. Students can also participate in an income share agreement with Coding Temple, where they pay nothing for the boot camp until they start their career. 



CodingNomads offers a data science and machine learning boot camp for students who already have coding and Python experience. The part-time program is available online only and runs 12 weeks. Depending on their experience, students will take 5-15 hours of classes per week. 

The program provides advanced data science and machine learning courses, fullstack Python web development with Django and Flask, and Quant Trading with Python. Coursework covers data science tech stack, model evaluation and validation, and a concluding project creating an end-to-end machine learning model. 

Depending on the amount of work, some students might not have the time to complete the final project.

CodingNomads pairs students with a mentor who they meet with virtually every week. Mentors are also available for phone, online chat, and forum meetings at other times when needed.

Graduates can access CodingNomad’s boot camp content, as well as other services and resources. The organization helps graduates launch careers as software engineers, project managers, data analysts, data engineers, and entrepreneurs. It also guides graduate on becoming a remote digital nomad.

Data Science Dojo


Data Science Dojo offers a five-day data science boot camp in Washington, DC; New York City; Barcelona, Spain; Austin, Texas; Singapore; Seattle, Washington; and Albuquerque, New Mexico. It also offers a 16-week remote data science and data engineering boot camp. 

The five-day boot camp includes live instructor-led tutorials on the fundamentals of data science and covers the basic functions of R programming, Amazon, and Azure tools for data science and engineering. The curriculum combines theory and hands-on labs, covering mathematics, science, and engineering. The boot camp concludes with a Kaggle competition.

The remote boot camp covers machine learning and data science subjects. It employs live instructors to teach students about implementing predictive models and data pipelines end-to-end, underpinning theory and concepts, and the critical thinking process behind data science. 

Data Science Dojo invites graduates to network groups, tutorials, and exclusive events. However, it doesn’t provide job placement or employment assistance for graduates.

The Dev Masters


The Dev Masters teaches courses on mastering applied data science, data science for professionals, project-based learning, and mastering applied data science with deep learning. 

The online programs range from five-day workshops to 16-week intensive programs. Since the programs require no previous programming knowledge, they target professionals and non-programmers. 

The Mastering Applied Data Science + Deep Learning program teaches the practical aspects of data science, including data collection through web-scraping, validating information through data analysis, comparing machine and deep learning models by interpreted metrics, recommender systems, natural language processing, and computer vision.

The Dev Masters provides free workshops and hosts data science and tech events. It also offers scholarships to support veterans and diversity. Applied labs can be extended to corporate and business training, and students can build their portfolios to help them find work.



Jedha offers three programs for people who want to become data scientists and data professionals. They’re available in Paris, France; Lyons, France; and online. 

Eligibility for each program depends on the student’s skill set and career goals, and can be full-time or part-time. The eight-week Essentials program covers data science, algorithms, Python, SQL, machine learning, data visualization, and web analytics. Students work with state-of-the-art technologies in artificial intelligence and learn to master the entire data pipeline.

Students have access to teaching assistants for help with weekly work and final cases. Graduates receive a certificate at the end of the hands-on training program. 

Jedha provides career follow-up, and students earn lifetime access to workshops, materials, and the community.

Practicum by Yandex


Practicum by Yandex enables students to learn about data science beginning with a free, 20-hour introductory class. Those who are interested can then proceed to an eight-month, 600-hour professional course on becoming a data scientist. The 600-hour course covers data analysis, machine learning, Python, statistics, and linear algebra. Courses involve independent work and feedback, and conclude with 15 portfolio projects. 

Students have access to 24/7 support throughout the course, as code reviewers and community managers are available to help them move forward through coursework. 

Practicum by Yandex enables students approaching graduation to enroll in a career-prep course, which provides job support, guidance, and resources. It trains students in soft skills to help them get hired, offers live coding sessions with tutors from the industry, and includes a career accelerator to help students find a career. 

The organization will also refund the tuition costs if a graduate doesn’t find a job or get a promotion within six months of completing the program.

Propulsion Academy


Propulsion Academy offers a 12-week program with all-day classes from Monday to Friday, in Zurich, Germany; Munich, Germany; or online. 

The data science boot camp provides instruction in machine learning, deep learning, data science, statistics, natural language processing, Python, and R. Classes are immersive, practical, and hands-on. The classes can be intensive and fast-paced for students without a technical background. 

At the end of the data science program, students complete a final data project in partnership with industry professionals. 

The academy provides students with career assistance and will help match graduates with employers. Boot camp graduates have gone on to work for eBay, Novartis, Swiss International Airlines, AvaWomen, and Swisscom.



WeCloudData offers a full-time, six-month diploma program on all tools and technologies related to data science (e.g., big data, machine learning, Python, SQL). It also offers a learning path that enables students to engage in specialized instruction for sequential courses in subjects related to the data sciences (e.g., data analytics, machine learning, Python for data science). 

Topics for part-time classes vary by program length, skill level, time commitment, and program length. These classes are available in Toronto, Canada and online. 

Data scientists, as well as hiring managers and partners within the industry, designed the WeCloudData curriculum. The classes enable students to participate in client projects to develop practical, hands-on experience. Students can also attend recruiting events. 

When they graduate, students can receive referrals to hiring managers, recruiters, and alumni networks. However, there is limited career support compared to other programs.

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