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How to make yourself irreplaceable in tomorrow’s job market

What skills do IT professionals need to help them weather tech disruption in the workplace?
14 Oct 2019
Careers & training

Oracle looks to hire for 2,000 new roles in major cloud push

Despite the recent history of job cuts, the cloud giant is still hoping to compete with AWS and Microsoft
8 Oct 2019
machine learning

Automating the end of discrimination

Tech tools such as AI and bots can help improve equality, but only if we humans build and use them the right way
8 Oct 2019

Carbon Black: Cloud is now key to our security strategy

Company's annual conference highlights importance of security infrastructure, diversity and understanding the hacking community
7 Oct 2019
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'New collar' jobs are needed in the digital age

IBM CEO says you shouldn't need a four-year degree to thrive in the future
4 Oct 2019
The HP logo
Business strategy

HP to cut 9,000 jobs as part of billion-dollar restructure

Incoming CEO Enrique Lores plans to make the company more “digitally enabled”
4 Oct 2019
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UK targets skills gap with £120m in funding

The UK government pledges £120 million more for eight new institutes of technology
2 Oct 2019

How bad will Brexit be for tech?

How will bursting out of the EU affect tech jobs, legislation and the prices of tech goods?
30 Sep 2019
Careers & training

The best US tech companies to work for (and why)

We peruse some of America's top-rated technology companies graded on Glassdoor
30 Sep 2019
Woman's face being scanned
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AI and facial analysis used in job interviews

Privacy campaigners say it has "chilling implications" for job seekers as there's a "high likelihood" that it may be biased
30 Sep 2019
Apple store London
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Apple is 'the best tech firm to work' for in the UK

The iPhone maker’s workplace perks nudge it ahead of Cisco, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle
26 Sep 2019
Careers & training

What does a CISO do?

A chief information security officer will deal with more than firewalls and antivirus
25 Sep 2019
Careers & training

Free tech lesson plans released to UK schools

The Tech She Can Charter aims to inspire young students, particularly girls, to consider careers in technology
24 Sep 2019
coding on a keyboard
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The top programming languages you need to learn for 2019

With hundreds of coding languages out there, which ones will earn you the most?
23 Sep 2019
Man in the clouds
Careers & training

Gap in cloud skills doubles in three years

As the breadth of cloud options grow, more and more businesses are turning to managed service providers to meet demand
20 Sep 2019
Policy & legislation

How 'Brexit disruption' is giving GDS a new lease of life

After years in the wilderness, the urgency of EU exit is forcing GDS to step up to the plate
19 Sep 2019
Mike Muller
Careers & training

ARM co-founder Mike Muller announces retirement

The chipmaker's CTO will leave at the end of the month
18 Sep 2019
Graphic depicting the transfer of data across the globe
Careers & training

Data scientist jobs: Where does the big data talent gap lie?

Europe needs 346,000 more data scientists by 2020, but why is the gap so big?
17 Sep 2019
Three women at work
Business strategy

Female software devs 'earn more than men until promotion'

Career progression is stunted by slow wage growth compared with male colleagues
16 Sep 2019
Careers & training

Brexit could lead to massive IT job boom

Experts warn we must be ready to seize the opportunity as BNP Paribas survey suggests EU exit will lead to an economic boost
9 Sep 2019
Someone looking at LinkedIn on phone and laptop
Careers & training

Fintech firms top LinkedIn's most coveted list

The online business network's top ten highlights the popularity of digital banks... and electric car racing
4 Sep 2019
machine learning

Replaced by an AI: Would you retrain for a new job?

The government is testing a scheme to support anyone who loses their job to an AI — will businesses and their employees embrace it?
4 Sep 2019
Digital skills
Careers & training

EU ploughs £1m into UK digital skills expansion

Government still relying on European funds despite ongoing Brexit tensions
3 Sep 2019
The stylised version of the Mozilla logo on a building
Business strategy

Mozilla’s CEO Chris Beard is stepping down

The Canadian business leader will resign at the end of the year but stay on at the company for "years to come”
30 Aug 2019