Huawei shop
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Huawei offers six-figure salaries in a bid to poach students

Recruitment drive will see 20-30 PhD students earn up to £234k per year
25 Jul 2019
powering digital skills
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How to reduce the impact of the skills gap in your business

Demand for IT skills is only expected to grow. Here's how you can anticipate and deal with the skills shortage
22 Jul 2019
Stranger Things logo shown on a smartphone
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Microsoft launches Stranger Things-inspired coding courses

STEM workshops running alongside nostalgic ‘Windows 1.11’ PC app harking back to 1985
9 Jul 2019
Old Street on tube map
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Ocado creates 260 London tech hub jobs

The food retailer continues to feed its appetite for tech and digital skills
8 Jul 2019
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MoD appoints first female chief scientific advisor

One success for women in STEM is followed by a plea for more female engineers
24 Jun 2019
machine learning

Is AI workplace monitoring helpful or harmful?

Clock cards and sign-in sheets have been replaced by algorithms that can predict working habits
21 Jun 2019
Map made up of skills
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Gov launches global edtech hub to expand digital learning

The initiative to boost research and shift deployment away from being 100% vendor driven
18 Jun 2019
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Global digital skills crisis 'undermined by quick-fixes'

EdTechX Europe co-founders see deep learning and digital twins as a long-term solution
18 Jun 2019
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Understanding and managing the workforce of the future

The growing Millennial and Gen Z workforce will change the way companies do business
18 Jun 2019

72% of cyber security professionals want to quit their jobs

Alert fatigue and lack of talent are pushing information security specialists to the brink
28 May 2019
Office workplace security
Careers & training

Big Four accountancy firms are top cyber security employers

Consultancies and insurers make up most of the rest of the top 10
22 May 2019
machine learning

Why diversity in AI is critical to building a fairer society

To ensure AI is able to serve humanity as a whole, it needs to be built by humanity as a whole
17 May 2019
Careers & training

Tech firms pledge to make the C-suite more diverse

Companies promise to get 30% more women in top jobs by 2020, but there are no guarantees
16 May 2019
Careers & training

Why SMBs are fishing in the wrong technology talent pools

For many businesses, solving the talent shortage could be a case of simple upskilling
15 May 2019
A group of students from a wide range of backgrounds taking up digital skills
Careers & training

Harsh fall in students taking computer science at GCSE-level

A 45% drop in uptake for computing subjects coincides with a tripling in demand for data professionals
9 May 2019
Women in STEM
Careers & training

AWS aims to get more girls into tech with 'Get IT'

Cloud provider has launched a UK-based initiative to encourage more girls to consider digital careers
8 May 2019
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Code 4000 unshackles prisoners' futures with digital skills

At a time of severe skills shortages, prisoners are turning away from crime and taking on the world of coding
8 May 2019
Training development
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CompTIA exam aims to boost cloud comprehension in business

The beta exam is targeted at those who have been working as IT analysts for 6-12 months
30 Apr 2019
A woman coding on her laptop at the Leeds Digital Festival
Business strategy

Leeds is building a tech hub to rival San Francisco

Leeds Digital Festival organiser Stuart Clarke explains why the city is now the best place for tech outside of London
24 Apr 2019
Digital skills
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Gov launches free digital courses to skill-up adult workers

New qualifications will teach people how to use a tablet, and complete day-to-day tasks like making payments
23 Apr 2019
Careers & training

How to deal with generational differences in the workplace

As businesses gear up for Industry 4.0, age is quickly becoming the main factor in workplace conflict
12 Apr 2019
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Rolls-Royce uses mobile gaming to drive STEM skills

Hackathon seeks to encourage under-represented demographics into gaming and app development
10 Apr 2019
UK parliament
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UK gov collaborates with industry on £170m tech institutes

Employer-led Institutes of Technology aim to boost T-level qualification uptake
10 Apr 2019
Business analyst
Careers & training

What is a business intelligence analyst?

Find out how to be a business intelligence analyst, what the job involves and what salary you can expect
5 Apr 2019