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Panel Profile: TempCover CTO Marc Pell

We get face-to-face with one of the IT Pro Panellists

We get face-to-face with one of the IT Pro Panellists

Welcome to the IT Pro Panel Profile, where we talk to the CIOs, experts and IT leaders that make up the IT Pro Panel, and discover their top tech, pet peeves and IT inspirations.

Working their way up the ranks from a trench-level development role to leading an organisation’s technical strategy is the dream of many IT professionals, but for Marc Pell, that dream is a reality. After starting with insurance provider TempCover as a lead developer in 2013, Pell rose to become CTO in January 2019.

Along the way, he redesigned the company’s platform from the ground up, rebuilding it to support more agile business objectives and greater scalability. An expert in software engineering and cloud platforms, Marc has helped upskill his colleagues and implement agile and project management processes across the business.

Marc Pell

CTO - TempCover

Describe your role in 20 words or fewer. 

I’m CTO of Tempcover, responsible for the company’s technological strategy, direction and procedures.

What was your first computer? 

A Packard Bell 486 SX 33 that my parents bought for me when I was 12. I caught the IT bug when I managed to reinstall Windows after the uninstaller for a Sensible World of Soccer demo started deleting the whole of the C drive!

What do you like most about working in IT? 

I've always been motivated by engineering. I'm driven by identifying problems, designing and delivering solutions with the tools available, especially if there's a particularly innovative solution available. 

If you could magically get rid of one piece of technology forever, what would it be, and why? 

I'm not a fan of cables, if there was a magical solution for power and data that was reliable, fast and interoperable I'd be very happy. We're moving that way but I'd like to get there faster!

What future tech innovations are you most excited about? 

Electrified roads to provide charging to electric vehicles sounds like a great idea and would solve a major blocker for many relating to range and charging times. 

Who’s your biggest inspiration in the world of tech? 

Satya Nadella - the evolution of Microsoft under his leadership has been transformational. 

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