Aruba reimagines the office for post-coronavirus work scenarios

AI-powered, cloud-native networking solutions will help firms accelerate business recovery

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Aruba recently announced a new suite of workplace solutions to address three post-coronavirus work scenarios: returning to the office, working remotely and the office reimagined.

Aruba claims AI-powered, cloud-native networking solutions its empowering organizations as they accelerate business recovery and implement touchless solutions in response to the pandemic. 

To assist businesses as they return to the office, Aruba will release contact- and location-tracing tools for its existing infrastructure customers based on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and the company has also partnered with Envoy to enable pre-registration, automated host notification and auto-generated Wi-Fi credentials for visitors.

Additionally, Aruba plans to team up with its technology partners to provide contactless solutions for measuring the forehead temperature of groups of employees and visitors simultaneously.

For remote workers, Aruba Remote Access Points will provide workers with secure remote access to critical resources. Meanwhile, Aruba Virtual Intranet Access VPN will ensure secure connectivity to laptops, phones and tablets for remote workers.

“For too long organizations have treated working locations as a binary choice – we’re either assigned to an office or are remote workers. The current requirement to work remotely has blown the doors open for a new hybrid workplace reality that experience designers and technologists alike need to account for in the future. A comfortable, secure and reliable work-from-home setting will be a key requirement for this new era,” said Ryan Anderson, VP of digital innovation for Herman Miller.

Post-coronavirus, Aruba anticipates businesses will also be reimagining their office setups altogether. “Moving forward, organizations are considering lasting changes in office layout and frequency of employee visits that are more on-demand and modular than ever before. This type of next-generation space poses challenges to traditional networking and security infrastructure intended for a static work environment,” the company claims.

To assist businesses as they move forward with this reimagining, Aruba has partnered with Herman Miller to release Embracing a New Reality: Workplace Strategy Insights for COVID-19 and Beyond

To get the inside scoop on these new tools from Aruba, check out Aruba Atmosphere Digital on June 9. 

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