Investment Management

Investment Management

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian leaves Initialized Capital

Ohanian leaves VC firm to work on “a new project that will support a generation of founders in tech and beyond”
29 Jun 2020
Facebook's cryptocurrency venture
Business operations

Facebook paid £28m in tax following £1.6bn UK sales

The firm’s ‘recognised revenue’ jumped 50% in 2018
11 Oct 2019
Business strategy

Small businesses and innovators benefit from £100m boost

UKRI funding will establish 20 university-enterprise collaboration hubs across the UK
20 Sep 2019
UK tech
Business strategy

Foreign investment in UK tech reaches record levels

A weak pound combined with successful British innovators has seen investment soar past the US'
21 Aug 2019
Oxford Uni campus
Investment Management

Oxford University accepts £150m for AI ethics research

The largest single donation to a UK university is for an institute to study the ethics of artificial intelligence
19 Jun 2019
Business strategy

Apple’s 'insider trading head’ charged with insider trading

The SEC accuses Gene Levoff of illicitly gaining $600,000 using advance knowledge of Apple stock performance
14 Feb 2019
Photo of two men shaking hands in an office
Business strategy

More than 90% of tech investment handed to all-male teams

Report finds women continue to receive just 7% of all start-up funding
6 Dec 2018
Investment Management

Seven IT upgrades that pay for themselves

Is your IT department a financial black hole? Here are seven projects that can boost your revenue
8 Oct 2018
Business strategy

UK government visits US to deepen medical technology ties

The science minister is also planning a fact-finding in November mission to encourage UK investment
25 Sep 2018
Nationwide's Exeter branch
digital transformation

Nationwide pumps £4.1 billion into digital transformation

High street building society's five-year plan will create 1,000 new jobs and open a UK tech hub
14 Sep 2018
EU flag flying
Investment Management

European Commission wants to make Europe a fintech hub

The Fintech Action Plan aims to boost financial tech startups in the EU post-Brexit
9 Mar 2018
IT infrastructure

Aviva pensions platform suffers outage

Customers running small businesses were unable to withdraw funds
8 Feb 2018
Business strategy

Another partner leaves the European arm of GV

Avid Larizadeh Duggan heads for pastures new, leaving one partner remaining
11 Jan 2018
Business strategy

Enterprises buy 50% of their software without IT involvement

What effect is the consumerisation of IT having on businesses?
18 Sep 2017
Business strategy

Tech leaders funnel $1bn into green energy innovation

Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos will invest in projects tackling climate change
12 Dec 2016
Network & Internet

Virgin and BT team up against threat of Openreach split

Major business rivals join forces to fight Ofcom proposals
19 Sep 2016
Investment Management

GV chief Bill Maris leaves investment fund

GV website already lists David Krane as CEO and managing partner
11 Aug 2016
Business strategy

Does a lack of investment hamper European start-ups?

CA EMEA President Marco Comastri says VCs in Europe are too conservative
23 Nov 2015
Business strategy

Facebook hits 1 billion users in a single day

On Monday, 1 in 7 people on Earth used Facebook
28 Aug 2015

UK employees held back by lack of tech investment

Majority of employees working in low-collaboration, low-innovation environments, claims report.
9 Dec 2013
Mike Lynch, Autonomy founder
Investment Management

Former Autonomy chief Lynch backs Augmented Reality startup

Mike Lynch makes an undisclosed investment into London-based Taggar.
6 Dec 2013
past and future
Business strategy

Dell playing 2e2 game, Fujitsu exec warns

Fujitsu UK’s Michael Keegan warns Dell could end up a zombie company, crippled by private debt.
8 Nov 2013
Mark Samuels
Investment Management

Are you ready for the upturn?

Should CIOs be getting ready to change gear asks Mark Samuels?
15 Oct 2013