business transformation

Image of a robot arm building equipment in an automated factory

Robots will build robots in ABB’s "factory of the future"

AI-powered factory floor will ditch conventional assembly lines for “ islands of automation”
29 Oct 2018
Illustration of a computer with digital assets, images and videos floating around it
asset management

How digital asset management can help digital transformation

Digital asset management is a process for storing and organising digital assets, and it can bring benefits to digital transformation efforts
11 Oct 2018
Map made up of skills
Business strategy

UK faces post-Brexit tech skills shortage

Research from Nesta highlights the UK's need for specific skill sets to meet the demands of changing technologies and political landscapes.
29 Aug 2018
Women in STEM
Careers & training

University uptake for STEM flat despite more A-level entries

Girls achieve better grades than boys in computing, but huge gender gap still remains
16 Aug 2018
Woman using Sainsbury's SmartShop app to scan and pay for groceries
Business strategy

Sainsbury's trials scan, pay and go service

North Clapham store is first to offer service to iPhone users with Apple Pay
14 Aug 2018
business transformation

Quarter of Brits worried about losing jobs to automation

Don't oppose automating jobs – just do it well, says union leader
6 Aug 2018
IT infrastructure

How Planet Organic endured a five-year-long IT nightmare

The health foods retailer is finally gearing up to expand, half a decade after its core provider pulled the plug
3 Aug 2018
enterprise resource planning (ERP)

US warns businesses of Oracle and SAP ERP threats

Oracle and SAP urge customers to apply patches to secure systems against hackers
26 Jul 2018
NHS cash injection
public sector

NHS to receive £500m for digital transformation projects

Health secretary Matt Hancock aims to increase NHS efficiency and improve patient safety
23 Jul 2018
Business strategy

AI will cull and create millions of jobs

PwC: Automation's impact will be different on each industry, and affect creative roles less
17 Jul 2018
Server & storage

Why HPE isn't worried about catching up to Dell

'Yeah Dell's got a couple of points on us - who cares?'
10 Jul 2018
business transformation

IoT and energy startups get £50m of government funding

Innovate UK has awarded 13 businesses £8 million in the first stage of its pilot funding programme
4 Jul 2018
Digital Transformation
Business operations

What is an Enterprise Management System?

Learn about what an Enterprise Management System is and how it can make large organisations more efficient
18 Jun 2018
Careers & training

The 10 worst excuses for male-dominated company boards

Hampton-Alexander Review brands firms' excuses as "pitiful and patronising"
31 May 2018

Firms need to prep for the data 'gold rush'

Pure Storage CEO says IT professionals will play a key role in helping extract value
23 May 2018
business transformation

London hospital to use AI to cut A&E waiting times

UCLH aims to use machine learning to help diagnose disease and streamline services
23 May 2018
business transformation

Ocado strikes US deal to roll out online shopping tech

American retail giant Kroger to exclusively use Ocado Smart Platform services
18 May 2018
The departures terminal at London's Gatwick airport
Network & Internet

Gatwick Airport modernises network in a $15m deal with HPE

How CIO Cathal Corcoran ensured the 18-month project avoided a bumpy landing
16 May 2018
Michael Dell
Business strategy

When Michael Dell pair programmed with one of his engineers

How the tech giant is practising what it preaches about digital transformation
3 May 2018
enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Hershey's aims to streamline supply chain with S/4 HANA

Accenture implements ERP suite, with Hershey's hoping to understand its customers better
6 Mar 2018
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS lets users run SAP apps directly on SUSE Linux

Partnership brings SUSE's Enterprise Server for SAP into Amazon's cloud
15 Feb 2018
business transformation

Innovate UK awarded £19 million

R&D organisation seeks out products, processes and services in tech, health and life sciences
25 Jan 2018
digital transformation

$1.3 trillion to be spent on digital transformation in 2018

Competitive pressure is driving companies to begin transformational efforts
25 Jan 2018
business transformation

IBM posts first revenue boost in six years

Growth in its mainframe and cloud businesses help keep the company afloat
19 Jan 2018