Announcing the launch of IT Pro 20/20

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Here at IT Pro, we understand that as IT professionals, your free time is incredibly valuable. You need to be able to figure out what stories truly matter and what trends are worth your attention, and do so quickly and with confidence. While we take immense pride in the content that we create online, we recognise that a website can be too mercurial for some of our readers.

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It's for this reason that we decided to launch our very own podcast at the end of last year, helping to diversify the types of content we deliver and offering a whole new way of consuming the latest industry stories.

Well, we're not stopping there. Today, we're excited to announce the launch of 'IT Pro 20/20', a digital magazine that shines a spotlight on the content that we feel every IT professional should be aware of, only in a condensed version that can be read on the go, at a time that suits you.

Each issue will act as a snapshot of the month gone by, serving as an essential guide to industry's most important developments and trends, some of which may have been overshadowed by transient news headlines. What's more, IT Pro 20/20 will also feature exclusive content, including features and analysis, that has yet to be published on our website. We want to provide IT decision-makers with a clear view of the month gone by, and a glimpse of what issues could shape their roles in the months and years to come.

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The magazine allows us to showcase our content in a way that we've not been able to previously, providing additional context and insight in a format that works on any device, whether online or offline. It's perfect for those that enjoy a long read, whether that's on the commute to or from work, or during a lunch break.

IT Pro 20/20 will be available to download for free, released on the last day of every month, starting from 31st January. As each issue will be reflecting the main themes of each month, we thought it would be best to start with a look at what this year is likely to hold for tech, and a look at some of the key issues facing IT decision-makers. As we progress through the year, we're also going to major on certain key events, so keep an eye out for those.

It's the same high-quality content that you've come to expect from IT Pro, only in a format that complements your hectic schedule.

Head over to our sign up page to register for a free issue of IT Pro 20/20, delivered on the last day of each month.

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