chief data officer (CDO)

chief data officer (CDO)

The IT Pro Podcast: Do you need a CDO?

As data becomes more important, should you invest in a dedicated position?
12 Jun 2020

What is DevOps?

How the merger of development and operations could help your business
21 Oct 2019
Graphic depicting the transfer of data across the globe
Careers & training

Data scientist jobs: Where does the big data talent gap lie?

Europe needs 346,000 more data scientists by 2020, but why is the gap so big?
17 Sep 2019
Business strategy

CDO job description: What does a CDO do?

What is a chief digital officer and how does the role differ from the rest of the C-suite?
21 Nov 2018
chief information officer (CIO)

IT Pro Panel: How CIOs got their first breaks in IT

It may seem like a simple pathway from the outside, but a CIO's first taste of IT comes in many different forms
15 Jun 2018
machine learning

Mayor of London hails capital's AI firms

Sadiq Khan outlines plans to use more data and urges startups to solve social challenges
11 Jun 2018
public sector

Give DCMS responsibility for GDS, urges think tank

Former Cabinet Office minister says "it's time to reboot" government digital efforts
30 May 2018

Firms need to prep for the data 'gold rush'

Pure Storage CEO says IT professionals will play a key role in helping extract value
23 May 2018
The departures terminal at London's Gatwick airport
Network & Internet

Gatwick Airport modernises network in a $15m deal with HPE

How CIO Cathal Corcoran ensured the 18-month project avoided a bumpy landing
16 May 2018
Careers & training

What does a data engineer do?

Learn more about one of 2018’s most in-demand job roles
23 Jan 2018
digital transformation

The state of digital disruption in five charts

Who is being disrupted by digital technology and what impact is it having on businesses?
17 Jan 2018
business intelligence (BI)

Addison Lee appoints CIO to "delight" customers and drivers

Ian Cohen says Addison Lee won't join the industry's 'race to the bottom'
11 Aug 2017
Business strategy

Morningstar's James Rhodes on the CDO role, big data analy

Rhodes says the CDO role is more about the business and less about the technology
21 Mar 2017
Business strategy

Gartner: CDOs are plotting a course to become CEO

CDOs are pioneering a new organisational function alongside IT, HR and finance
10 Nov 2016
Mobile data on iPad
big data

90% of enterprises will hire CDOs by 2019, says Gartner

Urgent need to manage data will underpin growth of the new role
26 Jan 2016
Mark Samuels
Business strategy

Embrace change or move out of the way

Disruption is occurring whether we like it or not, so go along for the ride rather than stay standing still...
6 Jul 2015