chief executive officer (CEO)

chief executive officer (CEO)

Michael Seibel to replace Alexis Ohanian on Reddit board of directors

Ohanian resigned last week, asked Reddit to elect a black board member to his seat
10 Jun 2020
chief executive officer (CEO)

TikTok taps Disney’s streaming chief as new CEO

Former Disney executive will hold several roles with ByteDance
19 May 2020
chief executive officer (CEO)

CEOs admit less than half of all innovation projects are successful

The majority of leaders prefer to follow, rather than innovate
13 May 2020
chief executive officer (CEO)

Samsung heir apologizes, promises he won’t pass company control to children

Jay Y. Lee makes a rare apology in his first media appearance in five years
6 May 2020
Mark Zuckerberg speaking at an event
chief executive officer (CEO)

Mark Zuckerberg recasts his role at Facebook while taking on dissenting board members

More than half of Facebook’s directors have left since 2019
30 Apr 2020
chief executive officer (CEO)

Best business quotes for every situation

Inspire success, build your business and motivate your team
29 Apr 2020
chief executive officer (CEO)

AT&T taps John Stankey as its next CEO

Current AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson to retire on July 1
27 Apr 2020
chief executive officer (CEO)

Meet the Top-10 Fortune 500 tech CEOs

Tech's leading CEOs according to the 2020 Fortune 500 list
27 Apr 2020
chief executive officer (CEO)

Coronavirus crisis spurs SAP to remove co-CEO Jennifer Morgan

Christian Klein will carry on as sole chief as the ERP giant slims down its leadership structure
21 Apr 2020
chief executive officer (CEO)

Mozilla re-hires veteran Mitchell Baker to serve as CEO

The interim chair and CEO formally rejoins the organisation after Chris Beard stepped down in December 2019
9 Apr 2020
chief executive officer (CEO)

Western Digital hires Cisco’s David Goeckeler as its new CEO

Replacing Steve Milligan, Goeckeler hints that Western Digital’s future lies in the cloud
6 Mar 2020
sales & CRM

Salesforce co-chief Keith Block steps down

No official reason has been given, although Block will stay on as an advisor with Salesforce for another year
26 Feb 2020
chief executive officer (CEO)

LinkedIn’s CEO steps aside after 11 years in charge

Jeff Weiner will take up the position of executive chairman while Ryan Roslansky will become the new chief executive
6 Feb 2020
chief executive officer (CEO)

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd dies aged 62

Industry veteran played a major role in some of the technology sector's biggest firms
21 Oct 2019
Business operations

Oracle earnings flat as CEO steps down citing health reasons

Co-chief Mark Hurd requests a leave of absence to focus on his health after nine years at the firm
12 Sep 2019
The stylised version of the Mozilla logo on a building
Business strategy

Mozilla’s CEO Chris Beard is stepping down

The Canadian business leader will resign at the end of the year but stay on at the company for "years to come”
30 Aug 2019
Business strategy

CEO job description: What does a CEO do?

What does the person in the corner office really do - and how can you get there?
1 Mar 2019
marketing strategy
Business strategy

What is a gap analysis?

Identify your business's weak points to make it more successful
20 Feb 2019
Elon Musk talking
chief executive officer (CEO)

Elon Musk steps down as Tesla chairman

Following his Tweet to take the company private, SEC forces Musk to step down as Tesla chair
1 Oct 2018
CEO looking isolated and disappointed in a board room
digital transformation

CEOs weary of short-termist view on digital transformation

Business chiefs warn boards not to expect ROI on AI and robotics projects for up to five years
22 Aug 2018
enterprise resource planning (ERP)

US warns businesses of Oracle and SAP ERP threats

Oracle and SAP urge customers to apply patches to secure systems against hackers
26 Jul 2018
Harvesting data from a laptop
information security (InfoSec)

Most CEOs steal IP from previous employers

Emotionally-driven decisions put companies at risk, finds security report
25 Jul 2018
Business operations

British Airways IT outage leaves travellers stranded

Passengers suffer delays at Heathrow due to supplier's system failure
19 Jul 2018