chief technical officer (CTO)

Business strategy

CTO job description: What does a CTO do?

More than a glorified IT manager, a CTO can have real clout in an organisation
1 Apr 2020
chief technical officer (CTO)

Panel Profile: TempCover CTO Marc Pell

We get face-to-face with one of the IT Pro Panellists
26 Mar 2020
Business strategy

Panel Profile: Moonpig CTO Peter Donlon

We get face-to-face with one of the IT Pro Panellists
24 Feb 2020
chief technical officer (CTO)

Five minutes with... Dan Jacobs, TRX CTO

We learn about the technology infrastructure which powers TRX
22 Jul 2019
Business strategy

Panel Profile: Photobox Group CTO Richard Orme

We get face-to-face with one of the IT Pro Panellists
29 Oct 2018
Business strategy

Panel Profile: Trainline CTO Mark Holt

We get face-to-face with one of the IT Pro Panellists
29 Oct 2018
Business strategy

Panel Profile: GoCompare CTO Jackson Hull

We get face-to-face with one of the IT Pro Panellists
29 Oct 2018
capacity planning

Amazon Prime Day rocked by outage

Shoppers frustrated as they struggle to get the best deals
17 Jul 2018
chief technical officer (CTO)

Obama-era CTO: Governments should involve tech in decisions

Megan Smith says tech workers and civil servants don't always have to be "oil and water"
12 Jul 2018
chief information officer (CIO)

IT Pro Panel: How CIOs got their first breaks in IT

It may seem like a simple pathway from the outside, but a CIO's first taste of IT comes in many different forms
15 Jun 2018
The departures terminal at London's Gatwick airport
Network & Internet

Gatwick Airport modernises network in a $15m deal with HPE

How CIO Cathal Corcoran ensured the 18-month project avoided a bumpy landing
16 May 2018
enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Hershey's aims to streamline supply chain with S/4 HANA

Accenture implements ERP suite, with Hershey's hoping to understand its customers better
6 Mar 2018
digital transformation

The state of digital disruption in five charts

Who is being disrupted by digital technology and what impact is it having on businesses?
17 Jan 2018
business intelligence (BI)

Addison Lee appoints CIO to "delight" customers and drivers

Ian Cohen says Addison Lee won't join the industry's 'race to the bottom'
11 Aug 2017
Business strategy

How CEOs and CISOs can work together more effectively

How involved is your Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) in business decisions?
11 Jul 2017
data centres

Q&A: Kevin Brown, Schneider Electric

Schneider CTO talks data centre evolution, edge computing and more...
15 Mar 2017
Business strategy

"The new IT will be no IT", says CA CTO

Otto Berkes details how digital transformation will reinvent the role of IT
17 Nov 2016
AWS logo on black background
cloud security

AWS Enterprise Summit will set out cloud security benefits

Summit takes place in London on 8 November
14 Oct 2016
You're hired
Business strategy

BBC appoints Matthew Postgate as CTO

Postgate's duties will involve developing the BBC's digital strategy and technology operations
23 Dec 2015
chief technical officer (CTO)

Cabinet Office CDO role has now been filled

He will be responsible for running a mini-GDS
10 Apr 2015
Business strategy

New BBC CTO eyes £90m savings with flexible IT approach

Broadcaster will focus on user experience and design
9 Apr 2015
chief technical officer (CTO)

Parliament appoints digital director

Former Royal Opera House CTO will devise digital strategy for both Houses of Parliament
18 Dec 2014
Business strategy

Liam Maxwell commits to government CTO role

Government CTO vows to remain in role beyond the 2015 general election
29 Sep 2014