IBM and Docker ship workloads to the cloud in containers

The solution combines Docker containers with IBM's enterprise servers

IBM has teamed up with Docker to help businesses move their applications to the cloud using the latter's containers.

The partnership comprises the introduction of Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) for IBM Cloud to help businesses create their Docker environment. Certified IBM apps will also now be available from the Docker Store, which will make it easier for companies to use IBM's middleware with containers.

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IBM also explained its involvement in Docker's Modernize Traditional Applications (MTA) programme, which involves working with organisations' innovative container technology projects to help them modernise their infrastrucuture.

"For the past several years, we have collaborated with Docker to help customers realise the benefits of containers," said Jason McGee vice president and CTO of IBM's Cloud Platform. 

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"Since then, we have expanded our work together to deliver the value of Docker and its container platform to customers in new, secure and powerful ways, whether they are running in the cloud or on IBM Systems, or a mixture of both."

Docker Enterprise Edition has been built for hybrid cloud environments, combining Docker containers with IBM's enterprise servers. This enables businesses to scale their infrastructure quickly, integrating containers with IBM's public cloud platform and using Watson tech to make their apps smarter.

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"Our existing partnership with Docker has a lot of history behind it, and through our relationship, we have become one of their trusted support partners," McGee added. 

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"Our deep collaboration has now allowed us to create a unified experience through single vendor support, a comprehensive cloud platform, and a managed services portfolio that can handle even the most complex customer needs."

McGee said that Docker and IBM will continue to work together on enterprise services helping the customer on their journey to the public cloud.

The news follows on from another recent announcement from Big Blue that it's helping businesses move and deploy their apps and services on the cloud with IBM Cloud Migration Services and IBM Cloud Deployment Services.

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