Twilio Programmable Video combines video with AR

The real-time streaming platform paves the way for multi-user AR experiences

Twilio is enabling developers to create multi-user augmented reality experiences, combining rich virtual content with AR via a set of APIs and media server infrastructure.

Twilio's Programmable Video comprises media servers, which deliver low-latency sound and video streaming to the customer's exact specifications. It works alongside the DataTrack API, which shares metadata between endpoints, including information about the AR objects or information to relay the audio and video streams as responsively as possible.

The MediaSync API syncs the AR metadata and content to ensure video is streamed inline with the AR experience. It works on both Android and iOS devices to ensure a consistent experience across mobile devices.

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"Augmented reality is completely transforming the way we understand and interact with the world around us, especially in terms of remote collaboration," said Rob Brazier, director of product for Twilio's Programmable Video platform.

"Imagine if the next time you called your cable company, you could simply show them a video of the flashing lights on your cable box and they could instantly know what's wrong, and then guide you through the process of wiring it up correctly by overlaying the correct cabling on-screen in your physical space. The prospects for improving remote support and sales conversations is incredible."

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Some of the things Twilio's Programmable Video can be used for include collaboration on 3D assets for industries such as engineering or architecture where it's possible team members will be working remotely but may need to understand the structure, telepresence to merge emotional, physical and verbal information or real-time translation of content into a user's language, with subtitles appearing on-screen.

Twilio's Programmable Video offering will work with other AR technologies such as Apple's ARKit and Google's ARCore, making it a universal option for developers wanting to innovate with new AR apps and services.


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