HPE and Rackspace create pay-as-you-go private cloud

The OpenStack Private Cloud service can even be used on-premise

HPE and Rackspace have teamed up to offer businesses access to OpenStack Private Cloud on a pay-as-you-go model, claiming to decrease the costs associated with a managed OpenStack implementation on public cloud infrastructure.

The joint offering is the first time Openstack Private Cloud has been offered on a pay-per-use basis, according to Rackspace, but the companies insist they are doing so without compromising the platform's scalability and flexibility.

It can be implemented in a private cloud environment either located in the business's own data centre at a colocation facility or in a data centre managed by Rackspace, making it a highly personalised solution for the individual company.

This also means there won't often be performance issues associated with shared environments, according to the vendors, while also widening their offering companies in highly regulated industries that are only able to use private cloud environments for compliance purposes.

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"The launch of OpenStack Private Cloud with pay-per-use infrastructure, delivered by Rackspace and HPE, marks a pivotal moment in the private cloud market and in the industry at large," said Antonio Neri, president of HPE. "This experience is the best of the cloud and on-premises worlds, and we fully expect this simple pay-per-use technology model to change the way enterprises make technology decisions." 

As is the case with any pay-per-use setup, businesses can scale their usage up or down depending on their requirements.

"With this innovative delivery model, Rackspace and HPE are removing the barriers to private cloud adoption, giving customers even more choice of technology platforms that best fit their application needs," said Scott Crenshaw, executive vice president of private cloud at Rackspace.

"We are proud to partner with HPE to continue enabling customer success with private clouds. And, with this common goal in mind, our companies plan to extend this model to Rackspace's entire managed private cloud portfolio in the future, including VMware and Microsoft Azure Stack technologies."

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