cloud computing

cloud computing

Recycling our digital waste is too hard

We need tools to clear the mountains of data that are building up around us
23 Feb 2020
cloud computing

Google adds migration tools with Cornerstone acquisition

Dutch firm that provides hands-on mainframe migration services is the latest addition to the GCP
20 Feb 2020
cloud computing

Five cloud-based tools your business needs

Building a digital workspace can be made easy with the right set of cloud-based tools
14 Feb 2020
cloud computing

Google Cloud snaps up multi-cloud analytics platform for $2.6bn

Deal greenlit by UK's market watchdog as it won't adversely impact competition, according to reports
13 Feb 2020
cloud computing

AWS seeks Trump testimony in JEDI debate

Court filings allege that the US President's enmity with Amazon influenced the final decision
11 Feb 2020
Cloud illustrations on a blue background with a ladder

Four ways the cloud facilitates workplace collaboration

Collaboration smooths business operations and eases employee communication, boosting customer services
10 Feb 2020
cloud computing

Six Nations broadcasts to get AWS machine learning stats

Conversion success predictions, heatmaps and tackle insights brought to screen with SageMaker
22 Jan 2020
cloud computing

Google-parent Alphabet now worth $1 trillion

Company reaches four comma club thanks to cloud revenue and recent leadership shakeup
17 Jan 2020
cloud computing

Google adds partners to real-time translation tools

Systems integrators will help hotels, airports and more use Google Assistant for real-time translation
8 Jan 2020
cloud computing

Microsoft has an edge on AWS, according to IT executives

Goldman Sachs survey suggests IT executives see Microsoft winning the cloud wars over the next three years
8 Jan 2020
marketing automation

Marketing Automation Systems: A new age of marketing technology

Learn how MAS is the perfect use of your cloud deployment
20 Dec 2019
hybrid cloudwhitepaper

Benefits of the consistent hybrid cloud

A total cost of ownership analysis of the Dell Technologies Cloud
18 Dec 2019
Microsoft Azure

Microsoft, not Amazon, is going to win the cloud wars

The disruptor becomes the disrupted
30 Nov 2019
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

What to expect from AWS Re:Invent 2019

Clouds descend on Las Vegas for Amazon Web Services' giant annual conference
29 Nov 2019
Google Stadia handset

Can Google Stadia finally bring success to cloud gaming?

It’s the first attempt to get game streaming right in years, but ISPs could be its undoing
18 Nov 2019
cloud computing

Google Cloud investments dent Alphabet's earnings

"In many of these areas we are the new entrant," says CEO Sundar Pichai
29 Oct 2019
cloud computing

Microsoft beats Amazon to win $10bn US JEDI contract

Trump reportedly told Pentagon to "screw Amazon" by ignoring its bid
28 Oct 2019
cloud computing

Commvault launches ‘Metallic’ SaaS backup suite

The sub-brand, built on Azure, launches with Office 365 compatibility
15 Oct 2019
A collection of IoT devices
cloud computing

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Wondering about the Internet of Things? Here's our guide to all things connected
13 Sep 2019
EU cloud GDPR
cloud computing

GDPR and the cloud

We take a look at the core areas you need to consider to be GDPR compliant whilst using the cloud
3 Sep 2019
The Pentagon

JEDI contract put on hold after intense lobbying

President Trump echoes concerns of favouritism towards AWS during the bidding process
2 Aug 2019
AWS sign
cloud computing

AWS and Azure take up half of the cloud market

Overall cloud sales heading for $100 billion per year as the market continues to grow
26 Jul 2019
data warehousingwhitepaper

Your ultimate guide to cloud data warehousing

Discover how you can tap the power of massive amounts of data conveniently and affordably
25 Jul 2019
cloud computingwhitepaper

Top 3 challenges your team faces when building in the cloud

And what it means for your business
24 Jul 2019