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How digital workspaces are changing the way we work

The way we work is changing, and the way we manage our IT tools needs to change with it
5 Dec 2019
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Optimising your network for a cloud-first world

Why network transformation can ensure seamless, reliable application experience
15 Nov 2019
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How to make money in the cloud

If you’re a technology solutions provider, cloud services should be at the top of your agenda
15 Nov 2019
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Why (and how) to sell cloud services

A guide to conquering the cloud for technology solution providers
15 Nov 2019
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cloud management

Almost £9m wasted on under-utilised cloud tech every year

It's likely to continue unless responsibility for digital innovation is truly shared across the business, experts warn
25 Sep 2019
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Our 5-minute guide to enterprise cloud computing

What is enterprise cloud computing, how is it used, and what are the business benefits?
11 Sep 2019

VMware doubles down on Kubernetes and hybrid cloud

The company’s annual show sees updates across a number of product lines
27 Aug 2019
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cloud management

85% of companies now operating in a multi-cloud environment

Organisations are embracing the use of multiple clouds, but formal management is lagging
7 Aug 2019
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‘Software glitch’ to blame for global Cloudflare outage

Approximately 10% of the internet suffered 502 errors during a chaos-ridden 30-minute outage
3 Jul 2019
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Network & Internet

What is Network Intelligence?

A look at the technology enabling businesses to analyse data packets in real-time
3 Jun 2019
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Signs that your cloud strategy is in need of a makeover

Regardless of cloud experience, every business should be regularly reviewing its cloud approach
23 May 2019
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Microsoft 365 outage sent DfE’s IT systems into “meltdown"

Crisis meetings were held as more than 6,000 employees were locked out of email, according to a source
6 Feb 2019
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BlackBerry aims to secure smart cities with SCMS

The company is inviting public sector organisations and automated car manufacturers too apply
11 Dec 2018
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CIO strategies for moving to a cloud-first business

IT leaders describe barriers to adoption, and why on-premise will have a role for many years to come
11 Dec 2018

VMware’s on-premise software-defined data centre hits beta

The company will also be trialling its inaugural blockchain offering
7 Nov 2018
Handling multi-cloud environments
cloud management

Nutanix update offers full visibility for all cloud

It will present data about the best cloud environment for each app and the cost of Nutanix clusters
2 Nov 2018
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What is cloud bursting?

The latest hybrid model could be a cost-effective way to take advantage of the cloud
4 Oct 2018
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Four ways to keep cloud costs under control

Individual cloud costs may look manageable, but can quickly spiral out of control. Read our tips to get a grip on cloud spending
17 Sep 2018
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Our 5-minute guide to cloud-managed networking

Learn why cloud-managed networking is growing in popularity with businesses
5 Jun 2018
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Rackspace releases its own managed Kubernetes service

Currently available only on Rackspace, it's coming to managed versions of AWS, Azure and more
18 May 2018
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View from the airport: Red Hat Summit 2018

Red Hat proves it's a force to be reckoned with in the hybrid space
11 May 2018
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Research dampens claims cloud providers are GDPR-ready

Skills shortage, malicious attack, and shadow IT comprise greatest concerns with cloud adoption
16 Apr 2018
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Salesforce harnesses Mulesoft to connect data silos

Salesforce Integration Cloud makes it easier for businesses to target customers with relevant content across the entire business
29 Mar 2018