cloud security

cloud security

NHS ‘dumped responsibility’ for data storage on hospitals

Experts urge caution over NHS promises to secure its data in the cloud
7 Jun 2018
software as a service (SaaS)

SaaS adoption is outpacing businesses' ability to secure it

Two-thirds of ITDMs at large organisations are concerned about keeping up with security requirements for SaaS adoption
30 Apr 2018

It's time to wake up to the cloud malware threat

It's only a matter of time before criminals exploit our over-reliance on SaaS
24 Apr 2018
cloud security

Microsoft selects Linux platform over Windows for IoT

Azure Sphere aims to bring IoT security and connectivity to multiple clouds
20 Apr 2018
Cloud rain
cloud security

Research dampens claims cloud providers are GDPR-ready

Skills shortage, malicious attack, and shadow IT comprise greatest concerns with cloud adoption
16 Apr 2018
cloud security

The identity crisis: Password managers and your business

Authenticating users used to be easy – now cross-platform cloud services make life a lot more complicated
3 Apr 2018

Qualys integrates with Google Cloud's Security Centre

Qualys customers will be able to access information about threats Google has identified too
23 Mar 2018
cloud hosting

Legacy IT and RoI fears limit public sector's cloud appetite

FoI reveals low level of cloud adoption among central government and NHS
27 Feb 2018
cloud security

SmilePass launches biometric security cloud offering

Three security tiers are available, each offering protection for customers and financial organisations against fraud
23 Feb 2018
cloud security

Tesla's cloud hacked to mine cryptocurrencies

RedLock told Tesla about the security hole so it could be rectified
22 Feb 2018
business software

56% of businesses have adopted secure file-sharing tools

But concerns over unauthorised access to SaaS applications linger for some tech decision makers
30 Jan 2018
EU cloud GDPR
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

How People HR is using the cloud to prepare for GDPR

With months to go until the new data protection laws come into force, organisations are looking for innovative ways to ensure compliance
25 Jan 2018
Skype for Business logo
cloud security

Skype adds end-to-end encryption to its latest Insider build

Conversations are secured using the same protocol behind WhatsApp and Facebook
12 Jan 2018
cloud security

McAfee completes Skyhigh acquisition

The two companies can offer a complete end-to-end cloud security solution for businesses and service providers
5 Jan 2018
cloud security

Cloud security is top priority for 83% of organisations

Companies prize strong cloud defences above all else
4 Jan 2018
Leaky bucket

100GB of secret NSA data found on unsecured AWS S3 bucket

The data related to a failed NSA cloud collaboration project
29 Nov 2017
IT regulation

Microsoft drops suit as US authorities limit data gag orders

US government sets new policy to limit gag orders on tech companies that stop them telling customers about data demands
24 Oct 2017
cloud security

Google brings data loss prevention to its cloud

The API can be used in various ways and can be integrated easily into data sets and platforms
20 Oct 2017
Cloud illustrations on a blue background with a ladder
cloud security

Microsoft moves Symantec into the cloud

105 services have been migrated from Symantec's on-premise infrastructure to Microsoft Azure
17 Oct 2017
private cloud

How to keep applications secure in a private cloud

Security is a key area of application performance and delivery
5 Oct 2017
cloud computing

How to avoid vendor lock-in when migrating to the cloud

Migrating to the cloud is a complicated business
12 Jul 2017
Business strategy

IT directors are split over the economic impact of AI

Although a third think it will create jobs, another third thinks introducing disruptive technologies will result in redundancies
13 Jun 2017
AWS logo on black background
cloud security

AWS Enterprise Summit will set out cloud security benefits

Summit takes place in London on 8 November
14 Oct 2016

This software wants to protect your car from IoT threats

Trend Micro and Microsoft aim their sights at connected car hackers
13 Oct 2016