Should you be scared of the cloud?

Cloud computing changes IT - and the world - as we know it. But should you be concerned or celebrating?

We've covered cloud computing extensively in two of our previous special reports, but in this one we take a slightly different direction and explore its direct and indirect impact on the world of work and the job you do. 

We look at what the naysayers have previously exclaimed about cloud computing to see whether they were actually wrong (they were!) as well as considering why there are still so many cloud skeptics around.

For those working in IT, cloud computing represents a fundamental shift and a different way of doing things. And not everyone is moving in the same direction.

Stephen Pritchard ponders whether the mainframe will always be with us or whether the success of cloud computing is a death knoll for big iron.

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We speak to industry experts about how cloud changes everything when it comes to work and try and come up with the perfect cloud CV. While Rene Millman takes a look at how cloud will shape the business world of the future and considers how the digital natives of today will lead the organisations of tomorrow.

The cloud changes everything and there are countless companies extolling its virtues and waxing lyrical about the business benefits. Yet, as we know, some people fear the unknown. For those working in IT, cloud computing represents a fundamental shift and a different way of doing things. And not everyone is moving in the same direction.

However, as Maxwell Cooter warns, those not onboard will find themselves floating away to a far less successful and fruitful career.

As with all previous IT Pro reports, you can read this issue on your PC or at your leisure on a Kindle or simply print it out.

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