HPE unveils OneSphere multi-cloud management platform

OneSphere will give businesses insight into where they are spending their money across different cloud platforms

HPE unveiled its multi-cloud management platform called OneSphere this week in Madrid.

The platform gives customers a way to view the IT resources they are subscribed to on their public, on-premise and private clouds and software-defined infrastructure. It is set to be released in January 2018.

Ric Lewis, senior VP of HPE's software defined and cloud group, made the announcement during the general session in Madrid this week.

"Most enterprises today rely on a mosaic of public and private clouds across their legacy environment and each one typically is its own silo. As more clouds are added complexity creeps in and your cloud starts to sprawl and things slow down and you lose efficiency and you lose visibility," he said. 

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OneSphere can be used with any public cloud provider and aims to simplify a business's cloud operations. It works across virtual machines, containerised workloads and bare metal applications.

"OneSphere is Software-as-a-Service, you simply login and you're ready to start unifying, building and deploying your clouds," said Lewis. "There's no new hardware to buy, you heard me correct, there's no new hardware to buy, nothing to install, nothing to configure. Just login and you're ready to go. And it automatically integrates with our software defined infrastructure if you already have it."

HPE claims it gives customers a single point to access all their applications and data from anywhere. OneSphere can be used to build private clouds and connect public cloud resources too.

Lewis added: "HPE OneSphere is a game changer, there's nothing like this on the market today. It enables you to immediately and effortlessly build clouds, deploy applications, and gain insights across your hybrid IT estate all faster."

Furthermore, business owners are able to work out how much money they are spending on all of their clouds and exactly where it is going.

"With OneSphere insights you have this immediate visibility into all of your cloud assets on and off prem, and the cost and utlisation associated with those. So you can see your resources and services, the location of the data, and utlisation and the cost which allows you to make better decisions," said Lewis.

Developers are able to access a self-service catalogue which provides them with all the resources and services they need to build and deploy applications.

"I have a lot of developers in my team. If there's one thing in common among all of them, they hate submitting tickets and requests and waiting around for resources to show up so they can develop and deploy apps," Lewis said. "What they really want is everything at their fingertips and really as a service to just be able to grab the resources they need.

"With OneSphere projects, your devops teams gets their own self-service portal and you can think of these projects if you will as workspaces for each project or team."

Image source: HPE

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