Scale Computing to offer Acronis Cloud Storage

Scale Computing provides customers with a powerful backup storage solution

Scale Computing has announced it’s now offering Acronis Cloud Storage. This cloud subscription from Acronis will provide Scale Computing HC3 customers a powerful backup storage solution designed to deliver disaster recovery protection while mitigating cyberthreats.

By offering Acronis Cloud Storage, Scale Computing provides its customers with a safe and secure place to back up their data. By integrating the Scale Computing HC3 platform with Acronis Cyber Backup, users will also benefit from a wide range of advanced backup and protection features, such as granular object-level recovery, variable-length deduplication for backups and active ransomware protection.

“The ever-rising threat of ransomware and other cyber threats along with changing IT requirements have organizations facing ongoing challenges associated with protecting their infrastructure. Due to this, more organizations are demanding cyber protection solutions that are easy, efficient and secure for backing up their data,” said Patrick Hurley, vice president and general manager, Americas at Acronis. “With Acronis Cloud Storage on Scale Computing HC3, organizations gain a high availability data protection cloud solution that also ensures safe, secure and scalable offsite backup for any data or any system -- anytime, anywhere.”

Acronis backups are stored on the Acronis Cyber Infrastructure, which minimizes risks and eliminates single points of failure. Several protective measures, such as security barriers, video surveillance and highly monitored access, have also been put in place to ensure the physical security of customer data. Data can also be encrypted at the source using government-approved AES-256 encryption before sending it to a secure data center.

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“We are seeing considerable demand from today’s businesses for data protection, backup, and disaster recovery. Integrating the Scale Computing HC3 platform with Acronis will help customers meet these priorities in a simple and cost-effective way,” explained Jeff Ready, CEO, and co-founder, Scale Computing. “Scale Computing customers can now easily and securely store their Acronis backups locally or in the cloud, with a scalable solution that is designed for agile businesses.”

Available to purchase in one- or three-year terms, Scale Computing will offer Acronis Cloud Storage to its customers in capacities of 250GB to 5TB.

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