Video conferencing could end up shelfware if it’s not easy to use

Must be simple for users and across devices, delegates told

Video conferencing deployed within organisations must be easy to use otherwise users will look to shadow IT solutions as an alternative.

At a panel discussion at the UC Expo being held in Excel in London, Tim Stone, vice president of Marketing EMEA at Polycom said that companies will buy a contract but said that if users say it doesn't do want they want, then they'll deploy shadow IT for a better experience.

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"People need to be able to use it easily," he said. "Video has had a bit of bad reputation the last seat to be taken up is the one by the video conferencing system."

He added that users just want to be able to set up a meeting through a diary, automatically book a room, and press a button to start the meeting. "This will drive up adoption."

Fellow panel member and product marketing head of Zoom, Janelle Raney, said that rolling out video confereincing is "easy", but "getting people to use it is harder. A one-touch system really helps".

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Stone argued that video cannot be a siloed application. "It needs to work with other tools to be useful. We need to break down some of the technology siloes to make a whole technology solution."

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In the age of mobile devices, the smartphone and tablet have become the start point of a video conference, but Andy Brocklehurst, head of collaboration EMEAR at Cisco, said that it had to work seamlessly between different devices.

"You want to move the data to a better medium. When you go into a conference room, you want to use a display there," he said.

Stone added that the beauty of mobile is that it has changed the way people collaborate. "People are moving away from just mobile to embrace video calling. This enables people to work more flexibly," he said.

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