cyber security

cyber security

Police to launch cyber security certification scheme

The digital arm of the UK police force plans to certify security companies for the benefit of startups
16 Jan 2020
NSA data
cyber security

NSA hands serious flaw to Microsoft rather than use it

Patch Windows 10 now, as the NSA has spotted a bug impacting security certificates
15 Jan 2020
cyber security

Boris Johnson wants US to suggest an alternative to ‘mad’ Huawei 5G tech

However, the PM doesn't want any decision to impact US-UK relations
14 Jan 2020
Careers & training

A guide to cyber security certification and training

Cyber security is in demand from every organisation, but what training and certification is needed?
13 Jan 2020

Google testing biometric support for Autofill service

Users may be asked for additional verification before Autofill populates apps and forms with sensitive data
13 Jan 2020
cyber security

Citrix patch for serious flaw won't arrive for weeks

Company admits exploits in Citrix Gateway and Citrix Application Delivery Controller may be being exploited
13 Jan 2020
cyber security

Will hack-resistant chips really work?

They're touted as the future of cyber security, but how much they will increase safety is in dispute
13 Jan 2020
Business strategywhitepaper

Four cybersecurity essentials that your board of directors wants to know

The insights to help you deliver what they need
10 Jan 2020
penetration testingwhitepaper

How targeted simulations differ from penetration tests and vulnerability scanning

Stay one step ahead of cyber attackers
10 Jan 2020

Testing for compliance just became easier

How you can use technology to ensure compliance in your organisation
10 Jan 2020
cyber attackswhitepaper

The 3 approaches of Breach and Attack Simulation technologies

A guide to the nuances of BAS, helping you stay one step ahead of cyber criminals
10 Jan 2020
Graphic concept of a hacker with colour effects, overlaid on words
zero-day exploit

Mozilla fixes Firefox zero-day being actively exploited

The US cyber security agency has warned the vulnerability is being used to take control of users’ machines
9 Jan 2020
cyber security

If not passwords then what?

Google and Microsoft have both talked up a passwordless future, but what does that mean and is the technology ready to make it happen anytime soon?
8 Jan 2020
mergers and acquisitions

Accenture to snap up Symantec unit from Broadcom

Broadcom is letting the Cyber Security Services business go just months after acquiring Symantec
7 Jan 2020
cyber securitywhitepaper

Best practices for implementing security awareness training

How to develop a security awareness programme that will actually change behaviour
6 Jan 2020
cyber securitywhitepaper

Strengthen your defences against cybercrime

Cyber resilience planning for email
6 Jan 2020
cyber security

London Stock Exchange outage investigated as possible cyber attack

LSE maintains August downtime was the result of a software glitch
6 Jan 2020
Microsoft Windows

Windows 7 ends: what do you do next?

From SMBs to big business and individuals, after 10 years it's time to move on from Windows 7
4 Jan 2020
cyber security

Travelex services forced offline by cyber attack

The currency exchange noticed the intrusion on 31 December, but the incident is ongoing
3 Jan 2020
cyber security

What is the National Cybersecurity Protection System (NCPS)?

 Find out how the US Government is using centralised systems to fight cyber threats...
29 Dec 2019
cyber security

The scariest security horror stories of 2019

From sustained attacks without a motive to data dumps that just keep giving, these are the stories that shocked us the most
27 Dec 2019
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Best free malware removal tools 2019

Worried your device is infected? Here are the best free tools you need to get rid of malicious software
23 Dec 2019
semiconductor chip
mergers and acquisitions

Arm looks to sell off loss-making security venture

The security software firm has haemorrhaged cash since its launch seven years ago
23 Dec 2019