cyber security

cyber security

Vodafone launches critical infrastructure managed security service

The move comes after UK companies reported a 16% rise in cyber incidents
12 Mar 2020
Huawei shop

Huawei: Commons 5G rebellion marred by groundless accusations

PM narrowly wins the vote to continue using Huawei equipment in UK's 5G network
11 Mar 2020
digital transformation

AllSaints tackles malicious bots with Netacea machine learning tech

The UK-based global fashion brand is undergoing a significant digital transformation programme
10 Mar 2020
mergers and acquisitions

Panda Security to be acquired by WatchGuard

The deal will see technology from both companies merge into a single brand platform
9 Mar 2020
cyber security

Intel ‘unable to fix’ critical hardware-encoded CPU flaw

Critical flaw affecting recently-released chips is said to be "exactly what security specialists feared the most"
6 Mar 2020
data protection

150,000 Boots Advantage Card accounts affected by password stuffing

The company's IT team discovered "unusual activity" on numerous accounts
5 Mar 2020
cyber security

4 quick tips to create an unbreakable password

Sink password pirates with these password-creation tips.
5 Mar 2020
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Best free malware removal tools 2019

Worried your device is infected? Here are the best free tools you need to get rid of malicious software
2 Mar 2020
data breaches

UK financial regulator rocked by self-inflicted data breach

The FCA accidentally disclosed confidential information of 1,600 people who complained against it
25 Feb 2020
cyber security

Flaw in PayPal’s Google Pay integration leading to suspected fraud

Hackers can exploit a virtual credit card within phones to make rogue transactions without authorisation
25 Feb 2020
unified threat management (UTM)

Sophos XG 135w Rev. 3 review: The full package

Exceptional wired and wireless security, teamed up with great performance and remote management
25 Feb 2020
unified threat management (UTM)

WatchGuard Firebox T70 review: Compact but capable

Top performance and a great set of security and management options
24 Feb 2020
Business strategy

Panel Profile: Just Eat CISO Kevin Fielder

We get face-to-face with one of the IT Pro Panellists
24 Feb 2020
cyber security

McAfee researchers trick Tesla autopilot with a strip of tape

The hack caused Tesla’s 2016 Model X to speed fifty miles per hour faster than intended
21 Feb 2020
data breaches

White House security agency rocked by data breach

The personal details of 200,000, including social security numbers, were compromised in 2019
21 Feb 2020
cyber security

Boris Johnson wants US to suggest an alternative to ‘mad’ Huawei 5G tech

However, the PM doesn't want any decision to impact US-UK relations
20 Feb 2020
cyber security

UK among countries most likely to encounter cloud attacks

Ireland most cyber-secure country in Europe despite only one in four senior business leaders being confident they can respond to any security incident…
20 Feb 2020

How safe are cryptocurrencies?

Their use of blockchain and anonymity of transactions may make digital currencies seem safe, but hidden weaknesses lurk below the surface
20 Feb 2020
cyber security

Mastercard bolsters fraud fighting with Europe Cyber Resilience Centre

US payments giant looks to shore up European banks and fintech with Belgium-based security hub
17 Feb 2020

Digital Risk Report 2020

A global view into the impact of digital transformation on risk and security management
14 Feb 2020
Chrome browser logo
cyber security

Google purges 500 harmful Chrome extensions from its Web Store

The extensions injected aggressive, infectious advertisements into millions of users’ browsers
14 Feb 2020
enterprise security

The IT Pro Podcast: Breaking out of the security bubble

Just Eat CISO says Infosec professionals need to stop preaching to the choir
14 Feb 2020
cyber security

Ensuring cyber security during mergers and acquisitions

A lack of due diligence when bringing two companies together can lead to major IT and security issues down the line
13 Feb 2020
Internet of Things (IoT)

Why the Internet of Things needs security by design

As adoption of connected devices skyrockets, technology manufacturers hold an increasingly important role in defending against security threats
7 Feb 2020