General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

GDPR compliance checklist: Is your organisation GDPR-ready?

Tips for ensuring your business is compliant with the new rules, whether you're overhauling old processes or setting up a business from scratch
8 Jul 2020
data governance

Slack brings data residency to the UK

Move is designed to target customers in highly-regulated industries
24 Apr 2020
data governance

UK data think-tanks clash over the use of contact-tracing apps

Government warned not to exploit pandemic to expand "snooping regime with minimal scrutiny"
24 Apr 2020
data governance

Tourism platforms sign data-sharing deal with EU

Data from sites like Airbnb and Tripadvisor will be published by Eurostat and could inform policy decisions
6 Mar 2020
data governance

Twitter demands Clearview AI stops using its images to fuel facial recognition

The startup's facial recognition tech is used by law enforcement and can match people to images from multiple social networking sites
24 Jan 2020
data governance

Brexit security talks under threat after UK accused of illegally copying Schengen data

"This is not a partner we can work with under these conditions," says Dutch MEP
10 Jan 2020
data processing

Google's data collection to be scrutinised by EU antitrust investigators

The firm faces another probe into its business practices following US investigations in September
2 Dec 2019
data governance

Canadian watchdog says Brexit data firm broke privacy laws

AggregateIQ didn't do enough to ensure it had the right to share voter information with Facebook, report says
27 Nov 2019
Policy & legislation

German housing giant fined £12.5m for GDPR violations

The firm’s archive system held onto highly sensitive data from bank statements to health insurance records
7 Nov 2019
Graphic depicting the transfer of data across the globe
file servers

Our 5-minute guide to Managed File Transfer

The ins and outs of MFT: What it is and why it surpasses the competition
1 Nov 2019
Policy & legislation

EU raises "serious concerns" over Microsoft's data practices

EPDS tells EU organisations that outsourcing any data processing means they’re still responsible
21 Oct 2019
data leak warning
Data & insights

Government data strategy 'fragmented and rudderless'

Report finds a lack of clear leadership as efforts to harness data have "barely scratched the surface"
30 Sep 2019
Number 10 Downing Street
Policy & legislation

Tory leadership race: Where each candidate stands on UK tech

Top Tories are battling it out to be the country's next leader. But how do they stack up on issues from tech regulation to R&D investment?
14 Jun 2019
data governancewhitepaper

Build a data governance strategy for the new digital era

Data is becoming an organisation’s most strategic asset
31 May 2019
data governancewhitepaper

A comprehensive guide to intelligent data governance

Learn how to establish a data governance framework to protect and secure crucial data
31 May 2019
Graphic of individuals being glared at by cameras and having their privacy invaded
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

GDPR is shaping the role of privacy in brand survival

Despite big fines levied, Citrix’s privacy chief says we still don’t have a sense of what enforcement will look like
24 May 2019
Graphic of individuals being glared at by cameras and having their privacy invaded
Policy & legislation

MPs form data privacy taskforce to keep pressure on big tech

Committee that branded Facebook “digital gangsters” seeks to protect society from ‘insidious onslaught of digital disruption’
3 Apr 2019
Mark Zuckerberg speaking at an event
Policy & legislation

Mark Zuckerberg issues manifesto for tech regulation

The Facebook CEO strikes a conciliatory note just as UK politicians are primed to legislate against big tech
1 Apr 2019
A photo of a doctor with GDPR overlayed in the foreground
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

More than 3,000 GPs risk violating GDPR

The BMA warns changes to a system that collects immunisation data risks breaching the 'data minimisation' principle
25 Feb 2019
Zuckerberg looking worried
Policy & legislation

Gov to hold talks with Mark Zuckerberg over tech regulation

Culture secretary will use the 30-minute meeting to explore ways to remove harmful content from social media
21 Feb 2019
Passports on a map
Policy & legislation

Home Office data use faces more independent scrutiny

An independent body will oversee the department's use of personal information to build public trust
13 Feb 2019
public cloud

CIO strategies for moving to a cloud-first business

IT leaders describe barriers to adoption, and why on-premise will have a role for many years to come
11 Dec 2018
Data streams over a busy city
Policy & legislation

Google, Uber and Apple must share mapping data

Opening up available mapping data could help to accelerate new technologies and bring £11m in to the UK annually, says UK gov
21 Nov 2018