UK's WANdisco partners with AWS to drive cloud migration projects

The LiveData Migrator has already been used by GoDaddy to migrate 500 terabytes of Hadoop data to Amazon S3

Cloud specialist WANdisco has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to launch a rapid self-service data migration tool, in a deal that's seen as a major win for the UK cloud industry.

The 'LiveData Migrator' lets companies move any size of on-premises data to AWS within minutes and without the need of engineers or specialists.

WANdisco, a publicly listed company with dual headquarters in Sheffield and California that specialises in distributed computing, is already an 'Advanced Technology Partner' in the AWS network and its LiveData Migrator services has also achieved AWS Migration Competency status – which requires a proven level of technical proficiency and customer success.

It is one of four AWS partners to collaborate on migration requirements for use cases including Hadoop, storage and database data migration, and mainframe data integration.

One of the first to use the LiveData Migrator is website hosting platform GoDaddy, which shifted 500 terabytes of Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) data to Amazon S3.

"We found that WANdisco's LiveData Migrator delivered the best time to value solution in the use case of a Hadoop to Amazon S3 data migration and replication," said GoDaddy chief data and analytics officer Wayne Peacock.

"Rather than running an internal time-consuming and costly manual migration project, using LiveData Migrator has helped us avoid disruption to our production processes and made 70 TB of data immediately available for Amazon S3 testing."

Migrating large data volumes with traditional approaches requires disrupting the operation of on-premises applications, but the LiveData Migrator works without any production system downtime or business disruption, according to WANdisco.

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"Enterprises that want to move their data to the cloud but are concerned about the risks of doing so now have a powerful solution that's self-service and extremely easy to use," said WANdicso CEO David Richards.

"Regardless of company size or technical expertise, LiveData Migrator enables businesses to migrate their data risk-free to the cloud on a massive scale without any disruption to business operations. Data can be accommodated without any risk of data loss while modernising data and applications to stay competitive."

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