big data analytics

The IT Pro Podcast: How to build a data-driven business

We explore what goes into making an organisation truly data-enabled, and how to avoid the biggest pitfalls
6 Dec 2019
data management

Facebook lets users port photos and videos to Google

Data portability tool part of wider project spurred on by new regulations
2 Dec 2019

Understanding the must-haves of modern data protection

Go beyond traditional backup and recovery
29 Nov 2019
Server & storagewhitepaper

Software-defined storage for dummies

Control storage costs, eliminate storage bottlenecks and solve storage management challenges
15 Nov 2019
big datawhitepaper

Illuminating insight for unstructured data at scale

The importance of metadata and data management tools revealed
15 Nov 2019
cloud backupwhitepaper

The definitive guide to backup for Salesforce

How to identify an effective solution for keeping your data safe
15 Nov 2019
data managementwhitepaper

Is your enterprise ready for the holidays?

Legacy database software prevents businesses excelling during peak-periods
15 Nov 2019
data managementwhitepaper

Solving IoT data management challenges

It's time for organisations to prepare their data architecture to cope with the scale of data
15 Nov 2019
data managementwhitepaper

Harness the value of your data capital to drive business success

Data’s value is increasing, so how can you capitalise on it?
1 Nov 2019
data managementwhitepaper

What you need for effective data capital creation

Flexible data storage and protection infrastructure are essential for data capital creation
1 Nov 2019
data managementwhitepaper

Protecting data capital in your organisation

The digital era is changing the way that organisations think about, protect, and monetise data
1 Nov 2019
Branding from Commvault GO 2019
data management

View from the airport: Commvault GO 2019

Despite a rocky year, fresh ideas and vision gives Commvault a second lease of life in Colorado
22 Oct 2019
mergers and acquisitions

Commvault’s Hedvig takeover feeds into 'data brain' plans

Technology from the software-defined storage firm will be merged with Commvault’s data management portfolio
17 Oct 2019
Royal Free Hospital London

Google swallows DeepMind's health division

With it, the tech giant takes over contracts with five NHS Trusts, with only Yeovil opting out
19 Sep 2019
Google privacy
big data analytics

Google makes privacy-focused data analysis tool open source

Its differential privacy library has helped shape many of the company's core products
6 Sep 2019
data breaches

Under 50% of IT leaders are confident in their data security

Increased regulation and high-profile data breaches are causing concern among leaders across all departments
31 Jul 2019
Data & insights

IT Pro Panel: Building a data-driven business

Data analytics may be one of the hottest trends of the moment, but it’s not as simple as it sounds
29 Jul 2019
data leak warning

36TB data leak confimed due to faulty Lenovo NAS drives

An emergency patch has been released to fix a "mind-blowingly simple" exploit
18 Jul 2019
Data & insights

What is a relational database?

Relational databases underpin many applications and software, but what is it?
18 Jul 2019

What is SQL?

This guide should help you understand the programming language that defined the database query
15 Jul 2019
UK parliament
Data & insights

UK government's poor data practices unpicked in NAO report

HMRC, ONS and the Department for Business and Industrial Strategy were all found to be misrecording data
21 Jun 2019
Microsoft HQ
data management

Microsoft simplifies data privacy for 365 suite

Almost a year after GDPR, the tech giant has announced new guidelines for data management
1 May 2019
data management

How to get data destruction right under GDPR

When your business last disposed of its computers, were you sure all the data stored on them was safely and securely destroyed?
1 May 2019