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IT Pro Panel: Building a data-driven business

Data analytics may be one of the hottest trends of the moment, but it’s not as simple as it sounds
29 Jul 2019
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Consolidate, connect, and accelerate your data

Put your data to work anytime, anywhere
25 Jul 2019
data managementwhitepaper

How to innovate with data in investments

A data-centric approach to faster and better investing
25 Jul 2019
data leak warning

36TB data leak confimed due to faulty Lenovo NAS drives

An emergency patch has been released to fix a "mind-blowingly simple" exploit
18 Jul 2019
Data & insights

What is a relational database?

Relational databases underpin many applications and software, but what is it?
18 Jul 2019

What is SQL?

This guide should help you understand the programming language that defined the database query
15 Jul 2019
UK parliament
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UK government's poor data practices unpicked in NAO report

HMRC, ONS and the Department for Business and Industrial Strategy were all found to be misrecording data
21 Jun 2019
Microsoft HQ
data management

Microsoft simplifies data privacy for 365 suite

Almost a year after GDPR, the tech giant has announced new guidelines for data management
1 May 2019
data management

How to get data destruction right under GDPR

When your business last disposed of its computers, were you sure all the data stored on them was safely and securely destroyed?
1 May 2019
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Storage for the cloud era

Adjusting your storage infrastructure for protection, visibility and control of your data in the cloud
27 Feb 2019
data management

Qlik to buy Attunity to boost data management and analytics

Attunity's tech will enable Qlik to integrate predictive analytics and AI into data management
25 Feb 2019
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

GDPR compliance checklist: Is your organisation GDPR-ready?

Make sure your organisation is GDPR-compliant now the 25 May deadline has passed
12 Feb 2019
Binary code graphic to represent vast amounts of data
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“Significant” data failings are harming mental healthcare

MPs criticise huge gaps in data gathering, with public bodies lacking the information needed to monitor progress
14 Jan 2019
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US telcos to stop selling location data to third-parties

The announcement comes amid fears of a federal investigation into privacy practices
11 Jan 2019
Thames water
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Thames Water advertises new big data contracts worth £10m

Applicants will be tasked with improving the utility's poor data management practices
10 Jan 2019
Binary code graphic to represent vast amounts of data

“Treasure trove” of 66m records tied to LinkedIn data

Users warned to guard against unsolicited job adverts via email
13 Dec 2018
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ICO says Metropolitan Police breached data protection laws

The Matrix stores information of alleged gang members and victims which is shared with public bodies
23 Nov 2018
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Flawed USPS API exposes data on 60 million users

The fault allowed users to access any USPS account using basic Google Chrome features
22 Nov 2018
Data & insights

Oracle expands AI development hub in UK

The company plans to double the size of its workforce with new data scientist roles
15 Nov 2018
big data

Using Big Data to transform business processes

From cost management to gaining new insights, Big Data is becoming an invaluable business tool
13 Nov 2018
Band playing at the Commvault GO 2018 conference
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View from the airport: Commvault GO 2018

Commvault sets out a stall for data utopianism in the home of country music
15 Oct 2018
Image from Commvault GO 2018 in which Commvault is put in the same bracket as massive tech giants
data management

Commvault says its tech is “on another world” to competitors

Hammer says Commvault has set the industry bar - one day after counting it in the same bracket as Netflix, Google and Amazon
12 Oct 2018
Broadband connection
Policy & legislation

Gov to review how data can save consumers money in markets

Research shows a ‘loyalty penalty’ in markets such as mobile and broadband is costing households £877 per year
28 Sep 2018
Man processes data at desk
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NHS Digital funds local council data sharing projects

18 successful council-led projects will be geared towards improving social care with tech
24 Sep 2018