data processing

Google abandons controversial cloud project in China

‘Isolated Region’ was scrapped in May, according to two anonymous sources
9 Jul 2020
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

GDPR compliance checklist: Is your organisation GDPR-ready?

Tips for ensuring your business is compliant with the new rules, whether you're overhauling old processes or setting up a business from scratch
8 Jul 2020
machine learning

What is reinforcement learning?

We look at a method of AI development built on the idea of positive and negative feedback
11 Jun 2020
data processing

UK's post-Brexit data deals 'will go further than EU ever could'

The government sets out a four-pronged approach to the free flow of data and data localisation with Asia-Pacific nations
11 Jun 2020
data protection

NHS yet to understand risks of holding Test and Trace data for 20 years

Public Health England has not completed a DPIA into the risks of holding non-anonymised sensitive information, including medical data
29 May 2020
data processing

Avast shutters Jumpshot unit in wake of data privacy concerns

The data collection business found to be at odds with Avast's corporate priorities, CEO explains
30 Jan 2020
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data processing

ICO faces legal action over ‘failure to regulate’ adtech industry

Campaigners may sue the data regulator for declining to take action against “massive data breaches”
17 Jan 2020
data processing

Google's data collection to be scrutinised by EU antitrust investigators

The firm faces another probe into its business practices following US investigations in September
2 Dec 2019
European Union Parliament Flags
data protection

European Parliament under investigation over election data sharing

Legislature used a third-party firm thought to be at the centre of electoral controversy in the UK and US
29 Nov 2019
Branding from Commvault GO 2019
data management

View from the airport: Commvault GO 2019

Despite a rocky year, fresh ideas and vision gives Commvault a second lease of life in Colorado
22 Oct 2019
Data protection

Commvault Activate bolstered with data protection addons

Features aim to help businesses comply with regulations like GDPR and Californian Consumer Privacy Act
16 Oct 2019
Royal Free Hospital London

Google swallows DeepMind's health division

With it, the tech giant takes over contracts with five NHS Trusts, with only Yeovil opting out
19 Sep 2019
Graphic of individuals being glared at by cameras and having their privacy invaded
data breaches

Most UK businesses are still not GDPR compliant

Despite the having taken effect more than a year ago, a 'good enough' approach is taking over
11 Sep 2019

Our 5-minute guide to distributed caching

What is distributed caching and when is it used?
9 Aug 2019
data processing

Britain harvests data from EU criminal database

In a potentially illegal act, the UK pre-empts losing access to a core EU database used for crime-fighting
29 Jul 2019
Data & insights

IT Pro Panel: Building a data-driven business

Data analytics may be one of the hottest trends of the moment, but it’s not as simple as it sounds
29 Jul 2019
Data & insights

Data storage is now possible in matter smaller than DNA

Researchers have taken the far future of data storage to the next level
8 Jul 2019
NASCAR car driving
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

NASCAR revs up its video business with AWS

The cloud platform will help with the automated processing of its mammoth video catalogue spanning 70 years
5 Jun 2019
Data & insights

ICO warns tech industry to rebuild public trust or face ruin

Regulator says innovation at risk of backlash akin to GM food scandal
14 May 2019
health app on smartphone
data processing

The biggest tech companies have access to your health data

Facebook, Amazon and Google are among many others that receive your health app data as standard
22 Mar 2019
Vote Leave campiagn bus
Information Commissioner

Vote Leave fined £40,000 for unlawful text messages

It's the latest fine in a string of penalties for unlawful political advertising
20 Mar 2019
data processing

Our data is redefining the health insurance industry

Smartphones and wearables are blurring the line between healthcare and self-monitoring
18 Mar 2019
GDPR readiness
data breaches

New FOI data reveals how businesses blundered before GDPR

The request submitted by Redscan yielded some interesting and seriously shocking results
10 Mar 2019