data protection

NHS yet to understand risks of holding Test and Trace data for 20 years

Public Health England has not completed a DPIA into the risks of holding non-anonymised sensitive information, including medical data
29 May 2020

GDPR "inadequate" to protect against contact-tracing privacy risks

MPs and Lords demand new law to guarantee protections for any contact-tracing tech
19 May 2020
data protection

Digital activists sound the alarm over UK's 'coronavirus datastore' plans

A dozen groups including Liberty and medConfidential have written to Matt Hancock demanding answers
18 May 2020

NHS develops second contact-tracing app as privacy concerns mount

Discussions with Big Tech become more productive after "serious legal flaws" are uncovered
11 May 2020
data protection

Swiping and scrolling is not consent, says EU data watchdog

Updated guidelines aim to address ambiguity in the application of GDPR
7 May 2020
data protection

What is the Data Protection Act 2018?

A look at the UK's national data laws and how GDPR fits into the puzzle
29 Apr 2020
data protection

NHS coronavirus tracing app tested at RAF base

Health secretary Matt Hancock says early trials are "going well"
23 Apr 2020

UK currently 'too technically limited' for an effective coronavirus app

There are too many technological and social barriers for contact tracing to work properly, a research body claims
20 Apr 2020
Email surveillance
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Nine top GDPR tips for email marketing strategies

It's not all doom and gloom – here's how you can make GDPR work for you
17 Apr 2020

The NHS teams up with Apple and Google on coronavirus tracking app

The software will send alerts to people who have been in touch with infected users
14 Apr 2020
data protection

Health sites are 'unlawfully' sharing medical data with Facebook and Google

Irish DPC warns that tracking allows sensitive information to be shared with major internet firms
7 Apr 2020
data protection

Supreme Court rules Morrisons was not liable for 2014 data breach

Supermarket can't be held liable for the criminal actions of a former auditor who leaked financial data
1 Apr 2020
Marriott hotel sign
data breaches

Marriott data breach exposes personal data of 5.2 million guests

The hotel chain has notified guests of a second massive data breach within 18 months
31 Mar 2020
data protection

KCL and NIHR launch symptom-tracking app to slow coronavirus spread

The COVID Symptom Tracker has made it to the top of the App Store’s Medical apps charts
26 Mar 2020

UK government may trace COVID-19 patients using mobile phone data

The ICO pledges to take into account “compelling public interest” for any potential data protection violations
20 Mar 2020
data protection

Multiple data protection vendors put business information at risk, says Dell

Organisations also lack confidence their data protection services are fit-for-purpose, research finds
12 Mar 2020
Policy & legislation

What is GDPR? Everything you need to know

Does your organisation comply with the toughest ever set of data protection rules?
11 Mar 2020
data protection

150,000 Boots Advantage Card accounts affected by password stuffing

The company's IT team discovered "unusual activity" on numerous accounts
5 Mar 2020
data protection

C3UK exposes 10,000 commuters' data

The unsecured database contained some 146 million records
3 Mar 2020
GDPR readiness
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Third of small businesses don’t feel GDPR applies to them

SMBs have struggled to implement aspects of the laws like conducting impact assessments or auditing third-party data
2 Mar 2020
data protection

Samsung website error exposes UK customer data

The data breach is the latest of Samsung’s “technical errors”
26 Feb 2020
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Irish data regulator racks up GDPR cases against Big Tech

Complaints soared by 75% in 2019 and multinational tech probes climbed to 21, although no fines were collected
24 Feb 2020

Government data at risk as departments lose thousands of devices

FOI request reveals Ministry of Defence is the worst offender, with 767 devices lost in a year
21 Feb 2020