‘National security’ can’t be used as an excuse to bypass privacy laws

A preliminary ECJ ruling would limit the power of member states to sidestep privacy and data protection laws
16 Jan 2020
data protection

Currys PC World parent firm hit with £500k fine over historic data breach

Hackers said to have stolen data belonging to 14 million customers over a nine-month period
9 Jan 2020
data protection

Box CEO: Most internet users will ditch privacy for online services

Exec claims introduction of Californian privacy act won't have much of an impact on businesses
3 Jan 2020
data breaches

Thief swipes sensitive details of 30,000 Facebook employees

Stolen hard drives contained personal banking information including payroll data
16 Dec 2019
data protection

ORG claims voter profiles are inaccurate and illegal

Open Rights Group demands leading parties stop using claimants data for microtargeting election campaigns
9 Dec 2019
data protection

UK-US data flow agreement could involve watering down standards

Leaked documents suggest the Privacy Shield will eventually make way for a much deeper trans-Atlantic relationship
6 Dec 2019
European Union Parliament Flags
data protection

European Parliament under investigation over election data sharing

Legislature used a third-party firm thought to be at the centre of electoral controversy in the UK and US
29 Nov 2019

Understanding the must-haves of modern data protection

Go beyond traditional backup and recovery
29 Nov 2019
data protectionwhitepaper

Trends in modern data protection

A comprehensive view of the data protection landscape
15 Nov 2019
Policy & legislation

Microsoft commits to honouring California Consumer Privacy Act nationwide

It's the first company to make such a promise, but it might not be as rose-tinted as it seems
12 Nov 2019
Policy & legislation

German housing giant fined £12.5m for GDPR violations

The firm’s archive system held onto highly sensitive data from bank statements to health insurance records
7 Nov 2019
Graphic depicting the transfer of data across the globe
file servers

Our 5-minute guide to Managed File Transfer

The ins and outs of MFT: What it is and why it surpasses the competition
1 Nov 2019
The Facebook logo photographed with rope laid over it as if to resemble imprisonment
data protection

Facebook agrees to pay £500,000 ICO fine

However, the social media giant has made no admission of liability
30 Oct 2019
Policy & legislation

EU raises "serious concerns" over Microsoft's data practices

EPDS tells EU organisations that outsourcing any data processing means they’re still responsible
21 Oct 2019
The Commvault GO logo displayed at the nashville-hosted event
data protection

What to expect from Commvault GO 2019

With new leadership comes big expectations for the data recovery and backup specialist
14 Oct 2019
Policy & legislation

US blacklists Chinese surveillance firms over Uyghur abuse

The US stops trade with 28 entities which targeted Uyghur Muslims with AI surveillance tech
8 Oct 2019
data protection

US big tech suffers as federal privacy bill delayed

Firms must comply with California's strict data laws in lieu of a federal bill
1 Oct 2019
Social media button concept
data protection

How to maintain your privacy on social media

Even the most privacy conscious individuals can be caught out by misconfigured accounts
16 Sep 2019
Image of the EU and UK flags breaking apart
Policy & legislation

Small businesses ‘unprepared’ for no-deal Brexit

Tech firms are not are aware of guidance, nor government support, as opposition against no-deal mounts
13 Sep 2019
Image of social media apps on a smartphone screen
Policy & legislation

MPs demand social media chats of Downing Street advisors

Staff are thought to have discussed Brexit no-deal planning through personal channels like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger
10 Sep 2019
Image of a worker inserting or removing a USB drive from a laptop
Policy & legislation

Employees warned against holding on to data when quitting

ICO says it will take a tough stance against those found in breach of Data Protection Act 2018
6 Sep 2019
data protection

Dutch data regulator warns Windows 10 still breaches privacy

Unlawful data collection practices found despite company changes
28 Aug 2019
police data protection
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

What is a data protection officer?

Find out what the data protection officer role involves and who you need to hire
25 Jul 2019
Policy & legislation

Facebook’s historic $5bn FTC settlement a "sweetheart deal"

Critics worry this is a missed opportunity to change Facebook's data practices after the Cambridge Analytica scandal
15 Jul 2019