A BA plane in transit
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

British Airways faces record £183m ICO GDPR fine

The penalty represents 1.5% of the firm’s annual turnover for hacks that affected 500,000 people
8 Jul 2019
Email surveillance
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Nine top GDPR tips for email marketing strategies

It's not all doom and gloom - here's how you can make GDPR work for you
1 Jul 2019

The biggest threat to your privacy is you

We're far too careless with our own personal data, especially on the Tube
29 Jun 2019
A graphic of individuals engaging with online ads
Policy & legislation

ICO claims AdTech industry 'violating data protection laws'

Privacy group welcomes the ICO report but accuses the regulator of proceeding slowly on "massive illegality"
21 Jun 2019
data protection

What is the Data Protection Act 1998?

Despite GDPR coming into force businesses may still find themselves sanctioned under the 1998 act
20 Jun 2019
data protectionwhitepaper

Data protection: downtime is money

Smarter approaches to data protection and recovery
31 May 2019
Graphic of individuals being glared at by cameras and having their privacy invaded
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

GDPR is shaping the role of privacy in brand survival

Despite big fines levied, Citrix’s privacy chief says we still don’t have a sense of what enforcement will look like
24 May 2019
ICO logo
Information Commissioner

£120,000 ICO fine allegedly based on inaccurate information

The fined company was accused of working with a third-party to distribute more than four million unsolicited text messages
8 May 2019

The ICO compels HMRC to delete 5m biometric records

The action was prompted after the records were found to be collected unethically since January 2017
7 May 2019
Google 'G' sign on phone in dark room
data protection

Google to offer 'auto-delete' for web tracking history

The tech giant's new tools follow data privacy updates from Microsoft and Facebook
2 May 2019
data protection

Bounty fined by ICO for unlawfully sharing member data

The company shared the data of 14 million people without gaining full permission to do so
15 Apr 2019
Image of social media apps on a smartphone screen
Policy & legislation

Regulator will fine big tech for spreading 'harmful content'

Draft proposals will see senior managers face criminal liability, while ISPs could block some services entirely
8 Apr 2019
data protection

Facebook app leaked 540m user records on AWS server

Data trove thought to have been shared prior to Facebook's policy reforms
4 Apr 2019
Graphic of individuals being glared at by cameras and having their privacy invaded
Policy & legislation

MPs form data privacy taskforce to keep pressure on big tech

Committee that branded Facebook “digital gangsters” seeks to protect society from ‘insidious onslaught of digital disruption’
3 Apr 2019
Mark Zuckerberg speaking at an event
Policy & legislation

Mark Zuckerberg issues manifesto for tech regulation

The Facebook CEO strikes a conciliatory note just as UK politicians are primed to legislate against big tech
1 Apr 2019
Data protection
data protection

Data protection principles

If you process data, you can stay lawful by adhering to these principles
25 Mar 2019
The exterior of the building used by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO)
Policy & legislation

ICO seeks expert input on AI regulation

As AI use grows, data protection must be embedded by design, according to the ICO
19 Mar 2019
Emails on laptop

Birmingham Court fines pair over data breaches

The ICO will also take action against pair for "abuse of positions of trust"
19 Mar 2019
data protection

Data protection policies and procedures

Why your company needs them, and what they should include
7 Mar 2019
Man checking GDPR compliance
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Research unearths inadvertent GDPR business benefits

Regulatory compliant businesses are more appealing to investors and have boosted their overall efficiency
6 Mar 2019
Zuckerberg looking worried
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Facebook is subject to 10 major GDPR investigations

The Irish data regulator is also probing Apple, Twitter and LinkedIn for alleged data protection violations
28 Feb 2019
A photo of a doctor with GDPR overlayed in the foreground
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

More than 3,000 GPs risk violating GDPR

The BMA warns changes to a system that collects immunisation data risks breaching the 'data minimisation' principle
25 Feb 2019
Zuckerberg looking worried
Policy & legislation

Gov to hold talks with Mark Zuckerberg over tech regulation

Culture secretary will use the 30-minute meeting to explore ways to remove harmful content from social media
21 Feb 2019
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

GDPR compliance checklist: Is your organisation GDPR-ready?

Make sure your organisation is GDPR-compliant now the 25 May deadline has passed
12 Feb 2019