Workplace tech worse than what employees use at home

New report reveals home IT is better than workplace tech, suggesting organisations need to urgently improve what they offer employees

Office Workers

The average home boasts better technology than most workplaces, causing motivational problems with staff, a new report suggests.

The research, carried out by Chelsea Apps Factory, revealed the UK loses up to 7.5 million working days every week because workplace technology is not up to the standards employees are getting at home.

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The company asked 1,000 office workers about their home and workplace technology to see how the two environments compared. It covered broadband, mobiles and computer equipment, revealing substandard work equipment was preventing them from carrying out their job properly.

The problem is so severe that a staggering 47 per cent of people would consider moving job because their workplace tech is so poor, with the biggest problem areas being slow internet connections (28 per cent), computers regularly crashing (24 per cent) and outdated software (17 per cent) plaguing their working life.

Mike Anderson, CEO of Chelsea Apps Factory, said: "It's clear the techspectations' of the modern employee far outweigh what companies can deliver and employees are literally taking matters into their own hands.

"Businesses are still investing unnecessary millions on clunky, highly-complex systems, services and software that leave employees stumped, unproductive and in some cases so unhappy they would consider leaving their job."

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Mobile phones caused the biggest headaches when it came to equipment, with 59 per cent of people saying their personal mobile phone was better than the one work gave them to use. Fifty per cent also said their home broadband was better than their office internet connection and 45 per cent of people said their home computer was better than their work one.

Anderson went on to explain that companies need to embrace mobilisation and harness technology to ensure their organisations don't fall behind and remain competitive.

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