Intel's Skylake 14nm processor release dates revealed

Launch dates are expected between August 2015 and January 2016, the schedule reveals

UPDATE: New details have surfaced surrounding the forthcoming launch of Intel's new Skylake chips.

The new processors are suspected to make their debut at Germany's Gamescom gaming show on 6-9 August, with high-performance, overclocking-enabled desktop CPUs the first to be shown.

Alleged benchmarks for the new chips have also leaked ahead of the release. Chinese site TechBang claims to have the first benchmark results, which show an average performance boost of 6.9 per cent, and a maximum increase of around 29 per cent. 

Intel's Skylake 14nm processor launch dates have been revealed in a leaked schedule, revealing the first editions will be available from August.

Intel Skylake will replace Haswell and Broadwell processors used in desktop and mobile devices, although as always, different versions of the chips will be launching for different types of platform.

Chinese tech site Benchlife revealed the timetable, saying the first version, Skylake S for unlocked desktop applications (Core i7-6700K and the Core i5-6600K) will be released between August and September 2015 replacing the Haswell processors. Locked Core i5 and i7 desktop processors as well as low-power T-series parts will also ship in this timeframe.

Coming later in September, Skylake-H will roll out, which will address high-performance notebooks and some Xeon segments. Other versions of this processor will hit the market between October, most notably for gaming notebooks such as the Core i7-6920HQ, Core i7-6820HQ and Core i7-6700HQ.

The Skylake U and Y series will start arriving in September, but faster processors in the same category will not arrive until early 2016. The U series includes Core i7-6500U and Core i5-6200U parts, for use in Ultrabooks and hybrid devices. Skylake Y will most likely be integrated into Core M applications, which currently includes some of the slimmer and lower-power tablets and notebooks on the market.

Motley Fool, however, notes there are some noticeable omissions in this latest leak. "For example, the table lists only the the Skylake-U processor models with the format Core i3/5/i7-6x00. This model numbering system in the Haswell generation of processors indicated 2+2 chips with 2 CPU cores and GT2 graphics," it says.

"Also, in the Skylake-Y row showing the parts launching in January 2016, the 6Y75 is listed again after having been listed as part of the initial wave of Skylake-Y parts coming in September 2015."

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