Meet your new desktop - a Raspberry Pi PC

The pint-sized PC operates just like a standard Linux desktop

Raspberry PI

Premier Farnell has transformed the Raspberry Pi microcomputer into a fully-fledged PC, albeit a lot smaller than the average desktop.

The distributor has integrated a range of accessories to turn a Raspberry Pi into Pi Desktop, a Linux-based computer equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a real-time clock, an mSATA solid-state drive interface, an optional camera and a power switch. It also features a USB adapter (Micro-Type A) to add even more peripherals such as a keyboard or a mouse, while a display can be added via the HDMI interface.

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You'll have to purchase the SSD for storage and Raspberry Pi camera module separately if you want to add extra functionality, but that's no real deal breaker for those desperate for a pint-sized computer.

It supports an SSD with up to 1TB and because it's been developed for start up directly from the SSD, it's faster than many high-powered desktops to get up and running. This is made even simpler with an integrated power switch, while its power controller means it's safe to remove the power adaptor from the Pi board after flicking the switch off, just like any other desktop or laptop.

It's all housed in a super-sleek cube that won't clutter your desk. In fact, it's reminiscent of a Mac Mini, although it's shiny and black rather compared to Apple's aluminium box.

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The Pi Desktop computer has been developed under Premier Farnell's element14 brand, which aims to make innovative solutions with Raspberry Pi at the heart of its devices. The company hasn't yet revealed when it'll be available to buy, although Premier Farnell said it can only be purchased from Farnell element14 and its resellers.

Raspberry Pi is increasingly being used for enterprise applications, with Citrix announcing support for the microcomputer last year. It revealed it would be releasing a thin client for the device, demonstrating a Raspoberry Pi running HDX on a chip with Windows 10.




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