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The desktop definitely isn’t dead

Powerful desktop computers are the perfect answer for predominantly office-based workers.

As good as laptops are and as useful as it is to have a mobile workforce, there are cases where a desktop PC is a much better choice. First, they're cheaper than the laptop equivalent. Secondly, as they connect to external peripherals, you can upgrade your computers without necessarily having to replace displays, keyboards and mice. Finally, most PCs are upgradeable letting your IT team adapt your computers to your business' ever-changing needs.

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Banish all thoughts of the large, bulky desktops of old. Today's business desktop computers, such as the HP EliteDesk 800 range and HP ProDesk 600 range with Windows 10 Pro, are slim, sophisticated and packed full of tools to give additional security and improve management.

Form factor, and how a computer will be used are both important choices with any desktop PCs. After all, why have a power-hungry fully-specced PC for a receptionist who simply won't use that computer to its max? 

Instead, choosing a business PC is about matching form and power to job function. For these reasons, HP's business PCs come in a range of different sizes.

For less demanding jobs or where you want the neatest appearance, the EliteDesk 800 Mini or ProDesk 600 Mini are the ideal choices. These tiny PCs (177x34.2x175mm) can be mounted to the back of a monitor, giving a neat all-in-one experience. Despite their diminutive size, you get a full array of ports, including USB 3.1 Type-C and one USB 3.1 port, which can charge devices when your PC is sleeping. There are an additional five USB 3.1 ports, Gigabit Ethernet, plus DisplayPort, HDMI and VGA outputs.

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Using low-power components, the Mini PCs use a fraction of the power of a regular desktop computer, which will save on running costs. All Mini models are compatible with Intel Optane Memory storage, giving you ultra-fast boot speeds and a more responsive performance overall.

Where you need a little more raw power, the EliteDesk 800 and ProDesk 600 Small Form Factor models are a good choice. Measuring just 100x308x338mm for the 800 and 94x269x297mm for the 600, these PCs are still tiny enough to tuck neatly out of the way. A larger case means a wider choice of processors, with up to a 7th generation Core i7 chip for amazing power.

With the EliteDesk 800 Small Form Factor, you get four bays and four expansion slots, giving you plenty of upgrade potential. The ProDesk 600 Small Form Factor gives you two bays and two expansion slots. Both computers have dual M.2 slots so that you can kit them out with Intel Optane Memory for super-fast storage and Wi-Fi.

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You get a broad range of ports on both computers, with USB 3.1 Type-C, which can charge your devices, two USB 3.1 ports and four USB 2.0 ports. With Gigabit Ethernet, DisplayPort and audio outputs, you can easily hook these computers up to all of the peripherals you need. Running full 7th Generation Intel processors, these computers are exceptionally powerful and can cope with pretty much any task.

There are times where you need unbridled power and expansion options, which is where the EliteDesk 800 G3 Desktop Tower and ProDesk 600 G3 Microtower come in. Built using a stylish chassis these models give you the expansion options you need for your most demanding users. With the EliteDesk 800, you get five bays and four full-height slots; the ProDesk 600 offers four bays and four full-height slots.

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You can fit powerful discrete graphics cards into both devices, including dual-card configurations. Dual M.2 slots let you upgrade to wireless networking and add fast storage with Intel Optane Memory. With support for the fastest 7th generation Intel processors, there's no job that these PCs can't handle.

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There's the full range of ports that you'd expect, including USB 3.1 Type-C (charging), six USB 3.1 and three USB 2.0 ports. You also get Gigabit Ethernet, DisplayPort and audio outputs, although adding a discrete graphics card will boost the range of outputs.

Business desktops need to be reliable, as they're used more intensively than their consumer cousins. All of HP's business desktops undergo 120,000 hours of testing. 

Management and security are exceptionally important. HP SureStart Gen3 technology monitors the BIOS for any change caused by malware, self-healing in the event of an attack.

HP Manageability Integration Kit integrates with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, helping speed up image creation and the management of hardware, BIOS and security.

Windows 10 Pro is the ultimate platform to run on HP's business PCs. Designed for business, and easier to manage, Windows 10 Pro gives you the tools and security that you need to protect your computers.

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Windows Update for Business is a key tool, particularly if you have a large number of desktop devices. Using this tool, administrators can control how and when Windows 10 devices are updated. It allows deployment rings, selecting which devices go first to ensure compatibility and quality; selective driver installation; and full control over the update timing. In short, Windows Update for Business keeps your desktop computers up-to-date in-tune with your employees' working patterns and needs.

Bit-Locker is an exceptionally powerful tool that encrypts your devices' hard drives. Should a desktop PC be stolen, you can rest safe in the knowledge that no data can be recovered.

Windows Hello is a great technology that lets your users log into their PCs using biometrics, such as an external fingerprint reader. Using Windows Hello you increase device security without putting an extra burden on your users they don't need to remember longer and more complicated passwords.

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Windows Information Protection (WIP) lets you separate user and business data and apps on the same PC. WIP defines which apps can access which data, preventing accidental leakage. For example, you can stop a personal email account from being able to email sensitive work documents. Best of all WIP works without affecting the user experience.

The best way to buy business desktops, such as the EliteDesk 800 and ProDesk 600 range with Windows 10 Pro, is via a specialist partner, such as CCL Computers. Providing you with a dedicated account manager, you have a single-point of contact that can help you build the right range of desktop computers for your needs. CCL Computers offers competitive pricing, with your account manager able to give you a tailored quote for the PCs you truly need. With leasing and credit options available, you've got the flexibility to spread your capital costs and keep the finance department happy. Need your computers in a hurry? CCL Computers has same day and next day options.

To find out how the HP EliteDesk 800 and ProDesk 600 series with Windows 10 Pro can change the way your business works head over to CCL Computers.

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