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UK government issues big funding boost for talent search

In a bid to plug the growing skills gap, training must be provided to entice skilled individuals from minority backgrounds
15 Aug 2019
digital divide

Ofcom reveals disabled people are left behind behind by tech

Lack of tech use could mean a lack of full participation in modernising society
16 Jan 2019
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Budget 2017: Hammond targets skills, AI and 5G

UK government seeks to boost tech against slumping growth
22 Nov 2017
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Digital divide: one in ten Brits haven't used web

Office of National Statistics reveals 5.3 million Brits have never been online
20 May 2016
Skills gap
cloud computing

Mind the gap: Does cloud widen the digital skills divide?

How will cloud change the job you do and the skills you need? Or will things simply continue as they are now?
5 Feb 2014
Skills gap
cloud computing

Mind the gap: Does cloud widen the digital skills divide?

How will cloud change the job you do and the skills you need? Or will things simply continue as they are now?
5 Feb 2014
Skills gap
Careers & training

EE to boost digital skills of 1 million Britons by 2015

Mobile operator sets out corporate social responsibilities in new report.
17 Apr 2013
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New funding aims to bridge digital divide

Nominet Trust award reaches out to those not online.
25 Jul 2011
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Network & Internet

Poorer consumers struggle to buy communications services

Low-income and older consumers are being overwhelmed by too much information, rather than helped to buy services, says adviser.
9 Dec 2010
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Will BT's nomination scheme widen fibre divide?

Comms giant BT wants ISPs to nominate exchanges to get fibre, but the new scheme has been criticised.
6 Sep 2010
Micromax product launch

Analysis: not all technology has to be smart

Smartphones dominate the headlines but even in the West, we need access to basic technology.
16 Aug 2010
Martha Lane Fox
public sector

Government services should be online-only to up web use

Martha Lane Fox has decided drastic action needs to be taken to get the 10 million people who have never used the internet online. And she thinks gove…
2 Dec 2009
digital divide

Older people get their own simple computer

The SimplicITy line was designed to help older people get to grips with computing.
12 Nov 2009
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Social networking use jumps in the UK

A new Ofcom report has shown we still love social networking - but many aren't even online yet.
16 Oct 2009
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Getting UK online could boost economy by £22 billion

Digital inclusion champion Martha Lane Fox wants to get everyone online within three years.
13 Oct 2009
public sector

Computers stolen from government's Digital Inclusion team

The government's Digital Inclusion team has lost a few computers after a burglary at one of its London offices.
18 Sep 2009
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Network & Internet

Online population to double by 2013

Businesses should plan for the shift from the Western world to Asia, Forrester Research has said.
21 Jul 2009
Business strategy

IT no longer boring, say young people

BCS study shows good job prospects in the tech sector have attracted the interest of young people.
22 May 2009
Network & Internet

Kids online an hour-and-a-half a day

Children are spending an increasing amount of time on the web, with over a third claiming they couldn't live without their computer, according to a ne…
20 Jan 2009
digital divide

School tech a 'trojan horse' for families

Improving the use of technology in schools will benefit families too, a government minister has said.
15 Jan 2009
public sector

UK tech firms to supply broadband-for-all pilot

Suppliers have been chosen for the £300 million Home Access programme, which wants all students to have a computer and broadband.
13 Jan 2009

IT jobs to go open source

Some 40 per cent of tech jobs will be connected to open source software by 2020, according to a set of predictions on the future of the sector.
3 Dec 2008
Business strategy

UK businesses don't trust the net

Chartered Management Institute survey suggests younger managers are more web-savvy, but that businesses still try to block web use at work.
2 Dec 2008