energy efficiency

How can we deal with digital pollution?

Data may seem ethereal, but everything from the biggest cloud to a single unopened email has an environmental cost
10 May 2020
Green energy tech
energy efficiency

Smashing green tech myths

Environmentally friendly or snake oil? Here are five of the biggest green technology truisms
7 Dec 2019
energy efficiency

More than 1,000 Google employees demand climate change plan

Googlers want the company to shun contracts that "enable or accelerate" fossil fuel extraction
5 Nov 2019
energy efficiency

Let's freeze the replace-rather-than-repair mentality

A faulty fridge-freezer tips Barry into a pit of despair, despite the fact he got a replacement for free
2 Feb 2019
energy efficiency

Microgrids may be the solution to UK business energy demands

Since the government's 'Smart Power' push in 2016, the cost of entry for local energy generation has fallen sharply
26 Oct 2018
Business operations

HP: 3D printing can cut IT's supply chain carbon footprint

Tech giant outlines measures to meet its sustainability goals
29 Jun 2018
energy efficiency

Google Cloud hits 100% renewable energy goal

The company is replacing every kilowatt hour it uses with a renewable equivalent
9 Apr 2018
energy efficiency

How to slash your office's electricity consumption

Exploring the technical tricks and tweaks that can help drive down your energy bills
2 Apr 2018
IT infrastructure

Tech firms must lead the charge in the fight against e-waste

With 65 million tonnes of wasted devices expected this year, it's time for tech to go green
21 Mar 2018