enterprise resource planning (ERP)

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Business strategy

What is ERP?

We explain how enterprise resource planning can benefit your business and how to choose the right software for your organisation
22 Jun 2020
enterprise resource planning (ERP)whitepaper

Insights from IBM on the journey to SAP S/4HANA

SAP S/4HANA allows companies to embrace the digital reinvention era more fully
7 May 2020

Why CEOS should care about the move to SAP S/4HANA

And how they can accelerate business value
7 May 2020
Business strategy

Best ERP systems and tools

We round up the best ERP systems and tools to get your business working optimally
6 May 2020

How to migrate your ERP to a future-ready place

Move from isolation to intelligence
3 Apr 2020
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enterprise resource planning (ERP)

SAP to extend Business Suite 7 support following S/4HANA complaints

The product was due to hit end of life in 2025
5 Feb 2020
enterprise resource planning (ERP)whitepaper

What you need to know about migrating to SAP S/4HANA

Factors to assess how and when to begin migration
10 Jan 2020
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enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Why Sistema chose cloud ERP for inventory management

Sometimes a boom in business can create its own problems
27 Jul 2019
enterprise resource planning (ERP)

View from the airport: Epicor Insights 2019

The ERP welterweight bets big on the public cloud as it wrestles with customer scepticism
25 Apr 2019
Epicor CTO Himanshu Palsule at Insights 2019

From 5G to blockchain, Epicor gives these bandwagons a miss

Firm is unconvinced ERP customers will benefit from a wide range of emerging technologies just yet
23 Apr 2019
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enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Insights 2019: Epicor rolls out AI-powered digital assistant

The firm’s CTO insists EVA “isn’t just a chat bot” as Epicor outlines fresh analytical and AI integrations
17 Apr 2019
Epicor CEO Steve Murphy at 2019's Insights conference
enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Epicor CEO warns against the dangers of ‘over-automating'

Steve Murphy mocks Tesla’s Elon Musk for underestimating the importance of people on the factory floor
17 Apr 2019
Representation of RPA showing an office worker and robot having a conversation by a desk

NHS strikes robotics deal to automate back office functions

Two hospitals hope digitally transforming finance and HR functions will free up resources for front-line care
11 Mar 2019
enterprise resource planning (ERP)

US warns businesses of Oracle and SAP ERP threats

Oracle and SAP urge customers to apply patches to secure systems against hackers
26 Jul 2018
Digital Transformation
Business operations

What is an Enterprise Management System?

Learn about what an Enterprise Management System is and how it can make large organisations more efficient
18 Jun 2018

App Maker gives end users a low-code way to automate tasks

LoB users can build their own apps to fill holes missed by traditional CRM and HCM
15 Jun 2018
enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Questions you still need to ask SAP about indirect access

SAP believes it has solved customers' concerns around indirect access, but some unanswered questions remain
15 Jun 2018
digital transformation

Microsoft Azure is set to offer 12TB virtual machines

Redmond upgrades VMs and expands Azure Stack in cloud play
5 Jun 2018

Apple reveals $100bn share buyback despite iPhone surplus

iPhone revenues appear high but analysts predict low June sales
2 May 2018
enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Hershey's aims to streamline supply chain with S/4 HANA

Accenture implements ERP suite, with Hershey's hoping to understand its customers better
6 Mar 2018
business process management (BPM)

SAP HANA must navigate licensing and skills fears

Research: HANA is a business driver, but SAP has more to do to help users
23 Feb 2018
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS lets users run SAP apps directly on SUSE Linux

Partnership brings SUSE's Enterprise Server for SAP into Amazon's cloud
15 Feb 2018
Smartphones pile
Mobile Phones

Smartphone sales around the world to remain weak this year

Annual growth only 2.8%, down from an expected 5%, says market analyst TrendForce
13 Feb 2018