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Webinar Level: Basic

In just 20 minutes Antony Larose of FileMaker will show you how (without having to write a line of code) to turn an Excel file into a custom FileMaker business solution, that your colleagues will be able to use from wherever they are; via desktop, iPad, iPhone or web browser.

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  • Drag and drop from Excel into FileMaker.
  • Sharing with others instantly.
  • Accessing data on the move via iPad, iPhone and the web.
  • Searching, sorting and charts.
  • Simple customisation using themes and guides.
  • Branding with your company logo.
  • Adding photos direct from the iPad.
  • Adding documents direct from a web browser.
  • Drop-down lists with data.
  • Live signature capture via iPad.
  • Live bar code / QR code capture via iPad.

*Questions can be submitted via text-based chat interface during webinar. We may not be able to answer all of them during the event.

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