flexible working

Perfecting your remote working strategy

Flexible working is about more than just location
20 Mar 2020
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Business strategy

Top 10 reasons to consider flexible working

Here’s our roundup of the top 10 reasons companies should consider setting up a home working scheme
18 Mar 2020
flexible working

The best time to prepare for remote working was six months ago

The second-best time is now
17 Mar 2020
flexible working

How businesses can make the most of flexible working

From decreased costs to employee wellbeing, technology has enabled greater flexibility in work and businesses are reaping the rewards
16 Mar 2020
Business strategy

The IT Pro Podcast: Can tech survive Coronavirus?

COVID-19 is sweeping the globe, but how much will it affect the tech industry?
6 Mar 2020
Business strategy

Flexible vs agile working

Although they have similar meanings, it's important to differentiate between flexible and agile workplaces
3 Mar 2020
Policy & legislation

Government sets out four-step action plan to fight UK spread of coronavirus

Boris Johnson advises workers that it’s “business as usual” for now, but the rapid spread of COVID-19 is highly likely
3 Mar 2020
flexible working

The IT Pro Podcast: Do we still need offices?

Have cloud software and collaboration tools rendered physical workplaces obsolete?
21 Feb 2020
flexible working

Five ways the office is evolving for the future

Technology isn't the only factor driving our changing office spaces
18 Feb 2020
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Empower end-users with better experiences

Solutions for any device anywhere, any time
10 Jan 2020
A woman remote working from a cafe using the cloud
agile working

Now is the time to embrace remote working

As Brexit looms, businesses need to adapt before it’s too late
6 Sep 2019
flexible working

The reality of working from home isn't on Instagram

Instagram isn't even good for shopping and home decorating, it turns out
22 Jun 2019
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Understanding and managing the workforce of the future

The growing Millennial and Gen Z workforce will change the way companies do business
18 Jun 2019
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How UK businesses are driving workplace transformation through technology

Discover how successfully businesses are meeting the demands of the modern workplace
12 Jun 2019
Tired man looking at his smartphone in bed
flexible working

The dangers of nighttime Slacking

Although you're no longer restricted to a nine to five day, you're still entitled to sleep at night
5 Jun 2019
Careers & training

How to strike a work/life balance

We are all encouraged to work harder, but how can you find a balance between your work and your life?
8 Oct 2018
Woman working on train
flexible working

Commuting should count as part of working day

Study suggests that better Wi-Fi means more commuters use their train time to check emails
31 Aug 2018
flexible working

Proportion of female IT contractors increases by 25%

Women still only account for 16.5% of the entire IT contractor market
26 Jun 2018
managed print services

Five ways managed print services can benefit your business

Learn about the environmental, financial and security advantages of outsourcing your printer management
25 Apr 2018
flexible working

Why it’s time to ditch the one-size-fits-all approach

The huge range of devices and services on offer is an opportunity to give teams exactly what they need
2 Jan 2018
Business strategy

51% of UK employees want more flexible work options

Flexibility isn’t just beneficial to workers, but also to employers
15 Nov 2017

Working in the office of the future

Moving to an agile working environment has taken some getting used to, but it's definitely a positive change.
10 Aug 2017

Collaboration is key

Any agile working environment needs effective collaboration platforms at its heart.
16 Jun 2017