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Fujitsu to halve office space as it prepares for the new normal

Manufacturing giant will reduce its office footprint and offer flexible hours for 80,000 workers
6 Jul 2020

When remote working is the new normal

Even after COVID-19, don’t expect working patterns to go back to how they were
19 Jun 2020
flexible working

How coronavirus will reshape the IT industry forever

An unprecedented experiment in remote working has permanently changed business thinking
19 Jun 2020
flexible working

Dropbox launches a password manager and secure file vault

The cloud company wants to help organise remote workers with its array of new features
17 Jun 2020
Business strategy

Remote working: Are you ready for the new normal?

How to keep a distributed workforce productive and secure in this time of transition
16 Jun 2020
flexible working

Cisco unveils tools to service the post-coronavirus workplace

New tech, and updates to Webex, aim to help businesses cope with social distancing and remote employee engagement
16 Jun 2020
flexible working

Apple bringing workers back to HQ in mid-June

Sooner than others, the tech giant begins the first phase of a plan to return to the office
11 Jun 2020
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flexible working

Google staff will receive a working from home allowance

Employees in the UK will receive £800 to cover the costs of "necessary equipment and office furniture"
27 May 2020
flexible working

Half of Facebook's staff to remote work permanently

The company's ten-year-plan includes an 'aggressive remote hiring strategy'
22 May 2020
flexible working

Facebook announces new Workplace features as paid users hit five million

The platform seeks to exploit ongoing security concerns plaguing Zoom
22 May 2020
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MoD stockpiles 550 Zoom accounts despite security concerns

Department also invests in 10,000 Microsoft 365 accounts and 20,000 units of hardware
21 May 2020
flexible working

How to work from home like a boss

The pandemic has seen untold numbers of Brits banned from the office. Ignore the flood of homeworking advice and find your own way
21 May 2020
flexible working

Most UK workers don’t want to return to the office

Employees see productivity gains due to remote working, although many are still not supported by adequate IT
19 May 2020

View from the Airport: Appian World 2020

From punctuality to the lack of gimmicks, there’s a lot to be said for virtual conferences
15 May 2020
flexible working

The IT Pro Podcast: Staying sane while working from home

With remote working set to continue, how can we avoid stress and burnout?
15 May 2020
agile development

Agile working and disruption take centre stage at Appian World 2020

The business changes caused by the coronavirus pandemic will never go away, say CEO and guests
13 May 2020
flexible working

Facebook and Google extend remote working policies until next year

Tech giants plan to reopen in July as lockdown restrictions are lifted
11 May 2020
flexible working

Five ways the office is evolving for the future

Technology isn't the only factor driving our changing office spaces
4 May 2020
flexible working

Facebook to maintain remote working despite US reopening guidelines

Zuckerberg says only critical workers will return to the office before the end of the summer
17 Apr 2020
flexible working

Why we’re lucky COVID-19 has come now

Something disaster movies never taught me is how boring and lonely the apocalypse would be
3 Apr 2020
digital transformation

IT Pro Panel: Coping with COVID-19

With businesses rapidly working to adapt to coronavirus, what has the real impact been?
30 Mar 2020
flexible working

Perfecting your remote working strategy

Flexible working is about more than just location
20 Mar 2020
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Business strategy

Top 10 reasons to consider flexible working

Here’s our roundup of the top 10 reasons companies should consider setting up a home working scheme
18 Mar 2020