Gov appoints its first director general for digital

Matthew Gould tasked with ensuring no-one is left out of digital economy

The government has announced Matthew Gould will become the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS)'s director general for digital and media, helping to drive forward its plans to make the UK a global power in technology.

His job will be to ensure the government can fulfill its promises to train the nation in skills related to digital technology as set out in the department's digital and media policy brief.

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This relates to other initiatives by the government, which aim to ensure everyone has access to world-class connectivity, helping British businesses install the infrastructure they need to become world leaders and turning ideas into the next big success.

The government also aims to reduce the number of people excluded from the digital economy. The overall challenge is to create an innovation-friendly and cyber-secure country, Gould explained. His experience as director of cybersecurity and information assurance at the Cabinet Office will put him in good stead to fulfill the role, he added.

"Our economy is powered by innovation and we want Britain to be the safest place to do business and go online. But if we want the UK to prosper we need to make sure we have world-class connectivity, and If we want an inclusive society, we need to tackle digital exclusion and make sure everyone has the digital skills they need," Gould said.

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"I'm determined to tackle these challenges to help make the UK the best place in the world to start and grow a digital company. It is a huge privilege to be the Government's first Director General for Digital and Media and to have the chance to help make this happen."

Gould will work with Liam Maxwell, the government's national technology adviser, and Antonia Romeo, the government's special envoy to US technology companies.


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