UK tech wage 'lags' behind US, still double national average

Although salaries are considered lowest in the world, workers still receive double the average UK wage


UK tech salaries are among the lowest in the world, with workers earning up to 30% less than those in the US, according to a report published today.

The UK ranks third bottom on the list of highest paid workers in the technology industry, with only employees in Singapore and France earning less, according to the 2017 State of Global Tech Salaries report, published by Hired.

The average annual technology salary in the UK sits at 56,000, which seems high until you compare it with the $135,000 workers with the same skills stand to make by living in San Francisco. Those working in London have also seen their salary fall by 1.7% year-on-year since 2015 however those in Seattle have earned almost 2.2% more each year.

Although one of the lowest in the world, the UK technology salary is still double that of the national average of 28,000, and remains part of the fastest growing sector of the nation's economy.

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The report also highlights that the UK technology sector is heavily reliant on imported talent, with almost 30% of the workforce coming from overseas. Workers relocating to the UK are also offered 28% higher salaries than that of local applicants, as an incentive to move locations.

The report states: "This year's data reveals that higher salaries await candidates who are willing to move to a new city. In nearly every market, companies offer more money to individuals who are relocating than local candidates. This is particularly true of European, Canadian and Asian markets, where non-local candidates can earn up to 57% more than local candidates."

But in areas such as San Francisco and Melbourne, where the demand for imported talent is lower, migrating workers will on average receive almost 10% less in their yearly wage than local employees.

In order for the UK's technology sector to thrive, particularly outside of the EU where there is increased competition for talent, the country needs to remain competitive and an attractive place to work, according to the report. 

A report released last year found that engineering salaries had already been hit by the Brexit vote, falling by almost 10,000 over five months. 

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