Eizo FlexScan EV2450 review: An elegant and capable package

A solid performer with great image quality

Editor's Choice
  • Generous warranty; Excellent colour accuracy and contrast; Good design
  • Brightness could be better; No Thunderbolt 3

It's difficult to imbue a monitor with character when all you're working with is essentially a black plastic rectangle. Somehow, though, Eizo has defied the odds with the stark, modern-looking FlexScan EV2450.

Despite dainty dimensions, Eizo has packed in all the design and usability features you could ask for. The unconventional stand makes tilting a little stiffer than it should be, but that's the only gripe: there's 140mm of height adjustment, and the monitor moves freely around into portrait mode.

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Ports are an equally pleasant surprise. Around the rear, you get DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI and VGA ports, an internal power supply, and a pair of USB 3 ports on the side. The only other things we could wish for are Thunderbolt 3 and an accompanying ethernet port, but at this price, we're willing to let it go.

Flick the power switch, and brightness and presence sensors automatically adjust brightness or put the screen to sleep, and the on-screen display and backlit touch-sensitive buttons make it easy to delve through and tweak the Eizo's menus.

Even more impressive, the image quality is superb. Quality backlighting and a great 1080p IPS panel put it in a different class to most monitors at this price point. Brightness is a modest 228cd/m2, which could prove an issue under especially bright conditions, but the 1,128:1 contrast ratio and average Delta E of 1.87 allow the Eizo to exhibit refined, colour-accurate images.

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With Eizo's usual five year warranty to round off the package and provide additional peace of mind, the FlexScan EV2450 is a formidable package. If you want a capable high-quality monitor that's elegant without being flashy, this monitor is an excellent choice, and rightly wins an Editor's Choice award.


The FlexScan EV2450 is a formidable package. If you want a capable high-quality monitor that’s elegant without being flashy, this monitor is an excellent choice.

23.8in IPS monitor 1,920 x 1,080 resolution Matte anti-glare finish DisplayPort HDMI DVI VGA 2 x USB 3 2 x 1W speakers 3.5mm audio in 3.5mm headphone out 538 x 233 x 368-474mm 3.8kg

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