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Lenovo unveils new ThinkPad X-series and L-series laptops

Laptop giant reveals 11 new models which include third-gen X13 and L13 Yoga models with Intel and AMD variants

Lenovo has continued its 2022 portfolio refresh with the launch of new models in its ThinkPad X and L-series laptop lineups. 

The new devices include a Lenovo ThinkPad X13, X13 Yoga, an L13 and L13 Yoga, and L14 and L15.

The announcement comes after Lenovo showcased new ThinkPad X1 models at CES 2021, and follows the launch of its first Arm-based ThinkPad, the X13s, which was revealed at Mobile World Congress last month. 

The ThinkPad X-series is all bout thin and lightweight hardware, while the L-series is more budget-friendly.

All of Lenovo's latest offerings feature Intel's 12th gen vPro processors, though the majority can also be purchased with an AMD Ryzen CPU, with the X13 available with the Ryzen Pro 6000. The L-series, however, is available with the Ryzen Pro 5000.

As with much hardware offered post-pandemic, the ThinkPad designs include hybrid working and collaboration features. This includes Dolby Voice functions that use spatial audio that can separate voices to help users sound better and clearer in meetings. Similarly, FHD webcams are also in place to improve video calling and an option for 4G LTE is offered to combat laggy Wi-Fi. 

Security is also high on the agenda with 'ThinkShield' hardware and software protections integrated into each machine along with the Windows 11 'Secure Core PC' function that was found in the latest Samsung Galaxy Book range. This is security incorporated into the design that blocks threats at the firmware level. 

There are 11 new laptops in total and they will be available across April, May and June. The Lenovo ThinkPad X13 and X13 Yoga are scheduled for release in June for $1,179 and £1,369 respectively. Both of these models will also have options to instal Windows 11 Pro, which we expect to be released in April. Microsoft will host an event for the new version of the OS on 5 April. 

Lenovo's 3rd gen ThinkPad X13 Yoga Hero


The Lenovo ThinkPad L13 series is set for release in May, with the L13 starting at $859 while the L13 Yoga starts at $1,039. The first models to be available will be the L14 and L15, both of which are coming in April for $869 with AMD chips. Intel versions, however, will be available in May. 

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