Your guide to the multi-cloud network

Adopt a software-based strategy with confidence


Today's IT organisations are facing a new reality. With every part of the digital ecosystem being connected, teams are under pressure to improve agility and speed service delivery, as well as juggling their own and third party infrastructure. And they need to do it at hyper-scale, across data centres, clouds and endpoints - without ever disrupting the user experience.

IT teams have been turning to the public cloud to extend their data centres. But diverse network topologies, security models and management environments can actually slow cloud adoption, forming barriers to innovation and increasing expense.

The multi-cloud era is complicated, but this whitepaper explores how the virtual network can provide a solution to many of these issues. When organisations are able to use the fundamentals of the cloud to define the network model for the digital enterprise, it changes everything.

Download it now to learn more about the challenges the multi-cloud era brings, and why a virtualised network holds the keys to business momentum.

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