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T-Mobile partners with Homeland Security to prioritize first responder data

Eligible T-Mobile WPS subscribers are entitled to priority service at no additional charge

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T-Mobile has struck a deal with the US Department of Homeland Security to give first responders’ data top priority under its Wireless Priority Service (WPS) program. 

“T-Mobile is the first and only wireless provider to add data priority in collaboration with the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA),” the company claims.

Priority access and preemption at no additional charge are assured for first responders with WPS. The Department of Homeland Security determines eligibility for WPS.

Per T-Mobile’s website, WPS is accessible to public services and welfare organizations, including federal, state, and local governments. In addition to policymakers, disaster and military response teams, public health and safety professionals, utilities, and the public welfare industry, are among the users of this program. 

“Now, when seconds matter during times of emergency or network congestion, critical communication is prioritized across a first responder’s smartphone, hotspot and/or tablet,” explained T-Mobile.

“Plus, during extreme network congestion or limited connection, the Un-carrier commits available network resources to help maintain a minimum performance of 512kbps for applications.”

“We know in an emergency, every second counts and it’s crucial our first responders can communicate with each other whether it’s calling or sending a message. That’s why we’re working with DHS to roll out data priority — so we can be sure that the customers who need it most are getting it without a hassle,” said George Fischer, SVP of sales at T-Mobile Business Group. 

“T-Mobile won’t stop when it comes to helping our first responders stay connected in the most extreme situations – and part of that is ensuring access on our network to those that need it when they need it most,” added Fischer. 

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